UCLA Basketball Team Banned?


Isaac Sharp, Senior Staff

On May 7th the UCLA Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores were released and turned out to be very, very, bad.

UCLA are dragging everyone into their shared embarrassments of losing on the field, under performing on the court, mid-season coaching dismissals, federal bribery charges, pay-for-admissions scandals and much more. And now the UCLA basketball team is in danger of being ruled ineligible for the NCAA Tournament in coming seasons under new coach Mick Cronin. 

Each team receives a single-year APR score which is then grouped with prior results to form a multi-year score that determines postseason eligibility. These are the scores: Stanford: 997, Washington: 986, Utah: 980, Arizona State: 974, Oregon State: 973, USC: 973, Colorado: 971, Washington State: 970, Cal: 961, Arizona: 960, Oregon: 958, UCLA: 933. Then last and definitely least UCLA at a score of 933. This score shows that UCLA is dangerously close to being below the 930-point threshold which would trigger a postseason ban. If the multi-year score that is released next spring dips below 930, the Bruins would be ruled ineligible for the NCAA Tournament in 2021.

APR is calculated by measuring whether athletes remain in school and in good academic standing. Undergraduate transfers and players leaving early for the NFL or NBA draft lower the score. The score the NCAA uses to determine postseason eligibility is a four-year average and UCLA had scores of 942, 907, 977 and 905 in its last four seasons under former coach Steve Alford. That means the ‘942’ will be removed from the calculation in the spring. That means the Bruins need a score above 928 to avoid dipping below 930 for their average. The Bruins are dangerously close to getting a postseason ban, will they pull through and avoid it?