Face Recognition: Helpful Or Harmful


Zuri Hay, Staff Writer

We all know what Facial Recognition Technology is, and we all know what it does. It is so easy and efficient to use that we think it so simple and can’t affect anyone. It has only been about a year since September of 2017 when the first example of Face ID came out in the iPhone X. Over 2 billion have already been sold. Everyone was waiting for the new phone to come out and when it did people were thrilled and talking about the new feature called Face ID. But, is it really trustworthy and worth it to have chances of invasion of your privacy?

Face ID can be both good and bad. For example, it is one of the most efficient ways to open your phone, simply holding it to your face. This seems great because it is quick and no one really thinks the causes it can have on your privacy. This means that if the government needs or wants to look at your personal life they can see what you look like and work from there.

To bring out the science behind Face ID is quite simple. The iPhone X looks at your nose, eyes, mouth, and chin. This seems like it is really reliable because no one as your nose, nose, mouth, or chin. But, ever since Face ID has been made the police or any hackers be able to see inside of your phone. This works in the way that they use masks and make an animation and hack to your phone or the new thing, 3D printing. 3D printing has made every government job almost effortless compared to what they normally have to go through to find someone. They can 3D print your whole face or just the main pinpoints that the Face ID looks for.

This is how Face ID can be accessed with a mask and 3D printing.

The reason why Apple and other companies are coming together to make Face ID it’s best is because they know what the people want; they want an easier way to get into their phones. Face ID works in the simplest way, you hold it up to your face and it opens the phone. This is even easier than fingerprints where you have to hold your finger over the home button. This technology works by recognizing your nose, eyes, lips, and chin. Face ID sounds very protective of your privacy because no one else looks like you. But since it only looks at the certain pinpoints of your face this feature allows the police to find out everything about you from a simple look at your face. To replicate your face is not easy but more and more people have been recognizing the Face ID software. This has been very bad for the government and now for you and your family. Of course, if you don’t own an iPhone X you are fine on the aspects of the Face ID.

Though fingerprints aren’t as protective as they seem anyway. Anyone who’s is looking for you or need to get information from your phone can simply do this with the print of your finger or the look of your face. Since it has gotten more simple to unlock your phone people can now get into your private information faster than before. The technology itself is very complex but as I have said very easy to manipulate and get information.

To see the perspective of someone who as an iPhone X, 7th grader, Carl Carlin says, “I never knew that Face ID could really affect anything that bad.” This is just one person who has one of these phones that can easily be penetrated and information can be stolen. There are few good aspects of Face ID. The sellers don’t talk about the bad stuff and over exaggerate about what is going on in these new phones. When you buy the phone they make really long terms and conditions that seem pointless so you click the ‘I agree’ and move on. Though they probably tell you about the problems and risks. This is a simple business strategy that most companies and game owners do. That is why they make so much money.

In the end, Face ID may be the quickest way to get into your phone but that means from all sides. You and others could be in danger of getting your privacy infiltrated and your money stolen y hackers, police and some many other.