5 Tips and Advice for Incoming 7th Graders


Bryana Sirisute-Popejoy, Social-Media-Manager

To the 6th graders who are moving to their next year in middle school, congratulations! You’re now at the halfway point of being in middle school! Since 7th grade will be more difficult than 6th grade, here are a few tips for 7th grade!

Tip 1: Reading. Reading will come in handy in 7th grade, and you should be reading a lot in order to get a lot of reading counts points and to boost your grade in english. There are many benefits to reading. So, read when you have time, as it will help out your grade, helps you learn overtime, and will able you to analyze and understand the story more better and accurately. Depending on what books you read, your vocabulary will also increase and your memory will be better.

Tip 2: Try not to stress out. If you can’t do something, you can ask others for help of learn from your mistakes. Stress can affect your thinking and development, and it’s better off if you accept what you did wrong and ask for help rather than feeling bad because of it. Asking others to help you can also help you out by being able to learn overtime.

Tip 3: Be organized. Just be sure that you know your schedule and have the supplies that you need to go to class. After a few weeks, you’re basically expected to bring the supplies that are essential everyday.  Plus, if you’re organized and bring all of the things that you need, you might feel a bit better about being prepared and instead not feeling too stressed that you left something at home. By being organized, you are able to save time and use that time more wisely.

Tip 4: Effort counts. Putting effort into your work counts since the product of whatever you’ve done will turn out better than not putting in any effort at all. Not only that, but in the future, the effort that you’ve put in right now will matter a lot, since it can help you alot in many ways. Although effort isn’t the only thing that’s needed to succeed, it is still an absolute must and is a key part of doing your work and projects that are assigned. Just try your best to succeed.

Near the end of the year, you may feel like you want to slack off, since summer is almost near and you may feel as if it doesn’t matter that much to put in effort anymore, and it also doesn’t mean that there will be no work at all, either. But, in fact, that could be wrong, since some classes may still give assignments, and those assignments can affect your grade negatively.

Tip 5: Don’t multitask. You might want to finish things quicker and you may believe that doing many things at once is efficient, quicker and better, but in fact it isn’t. When you try to do more two or more things at once, your brain starts to lack the capacity to perform both, or all the tasks successfully.

    Hopefully these tips will help you out for your next year in 7th Grade. Good luck and be sure to follow these tips if you need to!