Top 5 Kpop Girl Group Summer Comebacks

Sydney Delgado, Senior Staff Writer

In the Kpop community, some of the top girl groups at the moment had comebacks with some hit songs that topped the charts. From unique concepts to songs that tell a powerful message to the listener, here are some of the top 5 k-pop girl group summer comebacks.

For their new comeback, CLC wanted to shy away from their girl crush type concept and go for something more experimental.

The most recent Kpop release is from CLC, with their release of their new single Devil which was released on September 5th, 2019. Throughout the song, the girls assert themselves and warn others about their devilish instincts that awakens from others bad behaviors.

Devil is a song CLC wanted to experiment with their concept compared to their previous strong and fierce sound from previous releases. However the group was nervous that their fans wouldn’t like the new concept change, as member Sorn explains, “We are all very blessed to know that Devil is getting so much love and support from all around the world! We were so worried that you guys [the fans] wouldn’t like this concept but luckily the responses are incredible! I feel really great about the comeback and thank you all so much for your support!” 

Although they haven’t been able to showcase their comeback due to a storm that hit Seoul recently, the song has been well received by critics and CLC’s fanbase.

Another successful summer comeback was Itzy’s recent release of their EP “Icy” in July. Itzy’s new song ICY has the same concept as “Dalla Dalla” where you shouldn’t care about what others say and be yourself. Throughout the song’s chorus, the repeating memorable line “I see that I’m icy.” Throughout the whole song, the girls are encouraging the listener to walk with confidence and to let all their worries and to brush off the things that people make negative remarks on as just noise. 

Icy got 11 wins in its first three weeks of release. Itzy came in 1st place with 7,175 points against two other Korean Artists Maktub and Jang Hyejin. The EP was extremely successful, as it included two new songs, CHERRY and IT’Z SUMMER along with two remixes of Dalla Dalla and WANT IT?.

Red Velvet’s most recent release of Umpah Umpah got praise for being more of an upbeat and chill song. The side tracks on the album fit the concept to a tee and really give off Red Velvet vibes.

Red Velvet had a comeback continuing with their festival themed concept through their newest release “The ReVe Festival Day 2”, with the title track, Umpah Umpah, along with their five new side tracks. Red Velvet’s new release of Umpah Umpah is also tied in with their previous release of Zimzalabim which continues their festival themed concept. The song was well received compared to Zimzalabim, which was more of a schizo-genre mashup unlike Umpah Umpah, which had more of a calm and retro vibe.

Shortly after the release of Umpah Umpah, Red Velvet were able to achieve 5 wins on shows like Music Core, Music Bank, and The Show. As a promise to their fans, Red Velvet agreed to wear animal raincoats once they had achieved their first win, and Red Velvet stayed true to their word when they got their first win on The Show for their comeback stage.

The success of Umpah Umpah carried over into the U.S, which lead Red Velvet to score a top 10 hit on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart for the 15th time. The success in the states also made them the first K-pop girl group to score #1 on the iTunes digital chart twice on the day of release.

Red Velvet were a bit more experimental with their previous release of Zimzalabim. The song was successful in South Korea for being seen as different, however most fans were disappointed with the direction Red Velvet took with this era.

Whilst Red Velvet have become extremely experimental with the songs and concepts as shown through their previous releases of RBB and Zimzalabim, Reveluvs have been extremely supportive towards the girls and are excited for what the future holds for Red Velvet.

Everglow are a new rookie girl group that debuted on March 18, 2019 under Stone Entertainment with their single “Bon Bon Chocolat.”

After rising to prestige after promoting their debut single Bon Bon Chocolat, Everglow make their comeback with their second single Adios.

 Everglow are very much a rookie group, only debuting just six months ago with the single Bon Bon Chocolat. With their impressive choreographies and impactful title tracks, Everglow have been able to successfully make a name for themselves, which is shown throughout their new song Adios

For Ever’s were excited to see Everglow grow in their recent release of “Adios.”

Captivated by a whistle melody and fluctuating beat, Adios displays a dominating sound from Everglow, followed by charismatic lyrics and a fierce and brash dance break along with the chanting choral line “goodbye, au revoir, adios.” Member of Everglow, Aisha, opens up on her thoughts about the group’s comeback saying, “The mindset while preparing for our debut was different from the mindset for our comeback. We want to show that we’ve grown for our comeback”, and Adios indeed shows that Everglow have grown tremendously. 

Each of the three new songs released by Everglow hit Top 10 of Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, with Adios peaking at No.2, Hush at No.8, and You Don’t Know Me at No.10. 

“We want to show that we’ve grown for our comeback,” member of Everglow, Aisha, states at Everglow’s comeback showcase. And adios indeed does a good job of showing Everglow’s improvement.

After the release and success of Adios, Everglow held a showcase for their comeback, where they talked about their thoughts on the comeback. During the showcase, Everglow stateted, “We want to be known as the idols who dominate the stage. We want to hear that we’re a group that knows how to perform and shines on stage. Our goal no matter what is No. 1.”

Sunmi shares with her fans that the origin for her new release of “LALALAY” was inspired by when she went on a recent trip to Mexico.

Saving the best for last is Sunmi’s new release of Lalalay, which is a sultry, ubeat and meaningful song that references a Latin pop and dancehall infusion sound, blended with strong lyrics in a Korean point of view. 

The title of the song Lalalay in Korean, “날라리, (nallari)”, is Korean word usually used as a term to describe a person as someone who acts “cool”, like a teenager. In the first verse of the song, Sunmi talks about the people that are talking behind her back and the way she acts like a punk. In these scenes of the music video, it shows that people talking behind her back doesn’t affect her much. It’s more of a minor annoyance.

Throughout the song, Sunmi addresses to her haters that she is just fine, which is more thoroughly explained in this verse, “If I’m criticised until I crumble to dust, I’m okay/ What? No matter what you’re doing, you know I’m okay.” 

Sunmi said that her inspiration behind Lalalay was when she took a recent trip to Mexico, as she states, “The inspiration came while on tour. I went to Mexico with high expectations about their passion and fans were enjoying my show very passionately without caring about what other people think.”

Sunmi explains that for Lalalay, she wanted to spice up her sound a bit more. As she states, “I’m always debating whether to shake things up or stay the same. I believe that somewhere in the middle, between what the public wants and what the artist strives to be, is most ideal,” she went on to say at her showcase. “That’s why when I want to bring change, I ask people within the company and I ask them whether it would be okay. Then the time comes when you need change. This record was that.”

In conclusion, all of these women have released meaningful and experimental summer pop anthems about letting yourself go and being optimistic about the message portrayed in each of these songs. All of these songs have incredible melodies and fun and upbeat sounds that will probably get stuck in your head after the first listen.