Riverdale Season Four Remembers Luke Perry

Riverdale Season Four Remembers Luke Perry

Marley Watkins, Staff Writer

This October 10th, the CW’s Riverdale comes back to us for another season. This season, Riverdale will be surprising us fans by paying tribute to actor Luke Perry, who passed away from a massive stroke in March 2019. For those who do not already know, Perry played Archie’s dad, Fred in the show and Dylan Mckay in the show Beverly Hills, 90210.  His death impacted many of his fans, no matter the age.One of his longtime friends, Shannen Doherty is one of the actors from 90210 and she will be apart of season four to honor an old friend.

 According to Showrunner Aguirre Sacasa, Riverdale started shooting with her for this particular event. Sacasa has reported that rumor has it that they are to take Fred from the show. His death will include the characters paying tribute in a “memorial service.” Even though they will be talking about Fred, the memorial is aimed towards the infamous actor who played him and his sudden death.

Shannen Doherty’s appearance in the show will be a way for the writers to honor his passing. Doherty states in a photo alongside her and Luke, “I am deeply honored to pay tribute to Luke on Riverdale. The care in which this show takes in honoring his memory is beautiful.” Luke Perry has said to want Shannen with him in the show since episode one, according to Robert Aguirre Sacasa.The show will be making this episode special to honor his name.




    When Perry died at age 52 of a massive stroke, a few of the writers state that they were shocked by his sudden death. For example, Showrunner Robert Aguirre Sacasa states, ” And we wanted to honor Luke and figure out the best way to handle the character of Fred Andrew’s in the show, so we sort of said, you know what? Let’s not squeeze, let’s not rush to squeeze something into the finale or into the last couple of episodes, let’s really think about that and let’s tell that story at the beginning of season four.” Although the writers were taken off guard, they made sure they took their time for the right moment. Now they are making sure his name is honored in the season with a very old friend of Perry’s to top off the whole” Memoriam” episode. The producers thought it was quite an excellent opportunity to remember the late actor.


Riverdale’s new season will be coming out on the CW in October for us all to watch. Not only is it supposed to be another suspenseful season yet appealing, the “Memoriam” episode is highly anticipated. All fans will be able to appreciate it because without Luke Perry, Riverdale would’ve never been complete and as thrilling as it has been.8th grade student, Sophia Caserma shares her opinion, ” I think it’s nice that the show remembers him like this.” Now to all of the fans out there, be sure to catch the new Memorial episode this season of Riverdale.