Kids In Film Who Faced Fears We All Have


Hera Serna, Staff Writer

Fears aren’t an uncommon thing, everyone has them and everyone has to learn how to face them. Fears mostly come to a child when they are young, around the age of 5 and the fear grows worse as a child grows older. It’s best to face that fear while still young because every fear you have is most likely to hold you back from what you love. Fear holds us back and fills us up with unhappy emotions like anger and sadness. Those emotions give us a pessimistic outlook on life and stop us from doing what we love. No one wants to be held back from whatever they love and these are 5 children who didn’t let fear stop them, even when facing supernatural forces.

5. Fievel Mousekewitz Feared the Unknown

Fievel Mousekewitz is the main protagonist of the An American Tail series. He is the middle child of Mama and Papa Mousekewitz. He is an adventurous mouse who often endangers himself through his reckless but mostly innocent actions. The movie An American Tail tells the story of a mouse family who is immigrating from Russia to the United States. On their way to America, they lose family members and face problems they have never seen before. Being the youngest of the family, Fievel is scared out of his mind, but all he has to do is follow wherever his parents go. The only problem is, when in America Fievel loses his parents and has no idea where he needs to go. Lucky for him, Fievel meets mice just like him who are looking for freedom in America who are willing to help him out. Fievel never really went out on his own and never went father than his sister would go, so being out in the unknown in a place he has never been before stirs him. He is scared throughout his adventure, but soon he learns that if he is going to find his family then he can’t be afraid of what lies ahead.

4. Miles Morales Feared Fitting In

Miles Morales never felt like he fit in and to be honest he hated how no one ever acknowledge his existence. He knows that he will never fit in and he should be ok with that, but for some reason he is terrified of that. Miles’ world soon changes when he visits his uncle’s house and a super enhanced spider bites him, giving him superhuman powers. Given these new powers, Miles feels even more out of place than he ever did before. Months later Spiderman dies while Miles watched, not able to do anything. He hates himself for his deed and starts to believe that the blood of Peter is on his hands. He starts to fail in school and soon he feels he doesn’t even exist to the world anymore. After a long talk from his friend, Miles realizes that he can have a place in this world, he can be a hero. It takes him a long time before he goes public but when he does, he feels like gold. That gold starts to melt though when he slips through the cracks and ends up at square one. For some reason though, after not fitting in for so long he doesn’t care anymore, he doesn’t care if he fits in and he doesn’t want to be a big hero. All Miles wants is to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

3. Sabrina Spellman Feared Growing Up

Sabrina is an empowered young woman, half-human, half-witch, struggling to reconcile her dual nature. She is about to begin her dark education as a sorceress and she also tries to maintain some facade of a normal life as a sophomore at Baxter High. Sabrina’s intelligent, compassionate, and brave to the point of recklessness. She challenges witch teachings at every turn. She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends, wickedly fun, and in the middle of a star crossed romance with her classmate Harvey Kinkle. She faces problem after problem in her life, yet the biggest and hardest problem she faced was growing up. Growing up for Sabrina meant giving up her life to someone else and bending at their will. It would also mean that everything Sabrina knows and loves as a human would have to disappear and be forgotten. She isn’t exactly ready to give up her whole world but then again, she can’t live without the witch side of her. Complications arise and Sabrina is torn on whether she can give up on either one, but when it comes down to it, Sabrina would do whatever it took to keep her friends safe. Even if it meant giving herself up.

2. Chihiro Ogino Feared Change

Chihiro Ogino is the main protagonist of the animated film Spirited Away, during the movie she often goes by the name Sen meaning thousand in Japanese. In the beginning of the movie, Chihiro is shown as a ten year old, childish, easily-scared, and whiny girl. Not only is she so immature but she is also having a big change in her life, she moves to a new school, new home, and she feels her life is becoming an entirely new world. While trying a shortcut to their new home, they end up taking a wrong turn leading them to a sketchy tunnel. The tunnel leads them to what looks like an abandoned town but when the sun goes down, spirits start to come out. Chihiro tries to find her parents only to find out that when she broke away from them, they turned into pigs eating pounds of meat. Chihiro runs around the whole place not knowing what to do until she meets a river spirit named Haku who is trying his best to help her. The two do their best to escape the spirit world and on her journey, Chihiro learns that she needs to change how she thinks and who she was before she can escape. By the end of the movie she becomes a capable young woman that even her parents never knew.

1.Coraline Jones Feared Being Alone

Coraline Jones is a curious adventurer who is the protagonist of the Coraline movie. She moved from Pontiac, Michigan with her parents to the Pink Palace Apartments in Ashland, Oregon. With her parents constantly working and offering little attention to her, Coraline is incredibly bored and neglected so she decides to become an explorer of their new living location. While exploring the new place Coraline finds a door that has been sealed shut. Of course with her curious mind Coraline decides to explore the door further and soon finds a whole other world. This world shows what perfection looks like for Coraline and she can’t help but want for that world. The problem being that Coraline has to trade her eyes with buttons if she wants to stay in her “perfect” world. It doesn’t take too long though when Coraline starts to find out the truth of her perfect world. These hidden truths show exactly how disgusting her world really is and how she doesn’t want to be there. She faces fears like no one has ever seen and while she loves to explore in her life, Coraline has never been alone and without her parents. She starts to feel the loneliness without her family and doubts if she could make it. But in the end Coraline realizes that she needs to face being alone if she wants her parents back and while it may be ugly she knows it has to be done.

Children are facing fears everyday, whether it’s because of school or it’s because of a family problem. They may not even face those fears and some of those fears are shared with the people around them. In the end we all have fears and we all need to face them before they start to control us. Hopefully these five characters can help you face your fears and you can help someone else face their own.