Fires Ravage the Amazon Rainforest


Taya Olson, Staff Writer

Since early August, the Amazon Rainforest has been ravaged by wildfires that have     been burning down the fragile ecosystems that exist in the area.


According to the Washington post, the fires have been started by accident or on purpose. President Bolsonaro doesn’t care about the area. Although the rainforest is really misty and wet, people are putting gasoline on trees and setting them ablaze. Part of the fires may be caused by farmer burning down land so they can use the land illegally. Private companies are paying the government to chop down trees and use the land commercially. By chopping down the trees, it affects the rainforest’s fragile ecosystem and the indigenous people that live there. After Bolsonaro was elected, there was an uproar of fires because other countries that are a part of the G7 were giving money to help with the fires, but he turned the offer down.

Fires rage across a tract of jungle in Porto Velho, a city in Brazil’s Amazon.

The animals can’t just be removed from the rainforest and put in a zoo ,they need a complex environment. According to the YouTube channel “Most Amazing Top 10,“the Amazon has so many different things living inside of it, it has offered us the ability to experiment with some substances that are unique to this area . And some of the stuff that we pull out of the mass jungle could be used to make medicines to cure all sorts of diseases. It’s estimated that up to one-fourth of the world’s base source of modern medicine would be lost if we lose the Amazon.


 Climate change is an existing problem all over the world, but if the rainforest is gone, temperatures will rise. The rainforest sucks up large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide is absorbed there. More than 20% of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon. If the whole rainforest gets burned down, the carbon dioxide that’s in the atmosphere will get absorbed into the ocean causing water temperatures to rise and become more acidic, killing large amounts of the creatures that live there. 

Scientists are researching the effects of this disaster. We have yet to see how the government can move forward to prevent destruction like this in the future.