The Return of Minecraft


Adrian Ojeda, Senior Staff Writer

Minecraft, a game almost every kid remembers, is starting to come back in popularity. Fortnite, another big game that was released in 2017, has started to lose its player base for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is because of Minecraft’s comeback in 2019. 

In 2009 a  company known as Mojang created one of the most iconic video game called Minecraft. The developer is known as Notch Persson and became the owner of Mojang because of Minecraft’s success. Up until 2014, Minecraft was the biggest game yet and became the 2nd best selling video game worldwide. In 2014, Notch sold Mojang and Minecraft to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars. Notch did this because he was starting to get harassed from the player base. Players had the capability to create public servers which allowed players to play with each other online, but some people started abusing this and started scamming people for small in-game items that shouldn’t cost any money at all. People would start blaming Notch for this which led him to sell everything to Microsoft.

 It took 2 years for the next update to come out because of Microsoft losing interest in the main PC game. They wanted to remodel Minecraft and make a version where anyone with any device could play the game which would be later called the Bedrock-version because it was made with a completely different code. Players didn’t like this and started abandoning the game which caused the death of Minecraft. But in 2019, Minecraft has become popular again because of content creators on Youtube. Pewdiepie who has the most subscribers on youtube has covered the game. Old fans and new fans have started to realize how much development and improvement that has come into the game because of YouTubers like Pewdiepie.

Fortnite, a big game developed by Epic Games was the biggest trend for the past two years. It’s player base was mostly in America and the game had constant updates and new content every month or so. Over time, fans started to get bored with the game and that’s when it started to lose its relevance. Most of the fans started to play Minecraft or other games to revisit their childhood or for nostalgia. 

When asked the question if Minecraft is a trend or something that will be remembered forever, 8th grader Amelia Harrison says this “I think Minecraft is definitely a trend. I think it’ll end up like Fortnite. It has the hype but eventually, it’ll die off and become cliche. I personally have always loved Minecraft but other people are different.” 8th grader Kaelan Mclaren says this “Yeah I think Minecraft is a trend because from what I’ve seen people are only playing because of nostalgia.”

Minecraft has become the number 1 best selling game in the world. Before, it was the 2nd most sold game in the world and Tetris was number 1. But after Minecraft became relevant again, it passed Tetris by 10 million copies. This shows how much the game has blown up in popularity. The game is still growing and hopefully will have more content to be added in the future.

Roblox, another big game similar to Minecraft has been rising in popularity as well. Roblox has been a popular game for the last couple of years but hasn’t been that big until this year as well. It’s like Minecraft but has more online features and minigames. Also its a free to play game which makes it easier to access to people who can’t really afford games. Roblox and Fortnite are both free.

In conclusion, Minecraft might be another trend like fortnite or will be one of the very few games that still stay relevant throughout the years. Minecraft has had its ups and downs and throughout it all, we witnessed the making of a unique and fun game. It has become the number one sold game worldwide. It has surpassed Fortnite and has won the hearts of most gamers. Hopefully, in the future it will stay relevant and have more game-changing updates that add more content to the game.