The Dangers of Vaping


Vaping and smoking has become very popular over the years. The original idea that led to the popularity of using a vaporizers was to prevent and stop traditional cigarette smoking, which is a big problem, but what many don’t realize is that vaping can cause some serious health issues and should be avoided as much traditional cigarettes.

As you know, large vaping and e-cigarette companies started to rise and gain popularity over the past couple of months. This is causing more advertisements in online and print media. Because of the rising popularity of vape companies, more of the public has been introduced to the product thus, not only including adults, but also young teens as well. Vaping addictions have been responsible for 6 deaths due to lung cancer. Additionally, the vapor in JUUL pods (one of the most popular brands) contains 5% nicotine which only takes 50 milligrams to get an overdose. 

Vaping is not only bad for your health but also expensive. A JUUL costs around $50 alone. The pods cost $15 per pack. I asked STEAM student Marisa Alvarez if she knew the effects vaping has on people, she said. “I know vaping has affected people physically. It has affected people so bad to the point where they have had ‘popcorn lung.’”

Many think that vaping could help decrease smoking, but in reality, people are really just replacing one addiction for another. People still abuse e-cigarettes because they use it with the mentality that, “It’s only vapor and a small amount of nicotine. It won’t harm unless I get addicted.“ Now you may be thinking, “Only 4 people died from vaping and like 400,000 people die from cigarettes, so why is vaping such a big problem?” Research has yet to be fully conducted by scientists and we have no idea what the long term effects will be, but we do know that people have died from this. Research shows while cigarettes take around 50 years to kill someone, vaping takes a couple of months to put someone in a coma. But before you ever pick up a vape or any other drug, think to yourself- is it worth it?