Twice “Feel Special” Album Review

Sydney Delgado, Senior Staff Writer

After their previous release of Fancy, Twice released their 8th mini album titled, Feel Special, on September 23rd. Alongside Feel Special there are six other tracks, including their Korean version of their previous Japanese release, Breakthrough.

Twice announced the release of their new single ‘Feel Special’ on September 16. The single was then released on the 23rd with five new tracks.

For this comeback, Twice’s message in the song Feel Special was meant to show how Twice members make each other feel special. The members also had a role in writing the lyrics for each song on the EP. Mina’s solo verse, in particular, is a very personal verse in the song since she had recently spoken publicly about her struggle with anxiety and her halt on promotions. “I just wanted to hide/ Didn’t wanna face the world/ As if everything has lost meaning/ As if I have lost meaning/ I just sat there still,” she sings about halfway through the song, which leads up to the comforting pre-chorus, “Then you appeared before me/ With a warm smile, you held out your hand/ Everything’s alright/ From nobody to somebody/ I become a very special me.

Dana Student Micaela Aguirre says, “I think that it’s the best concept that they have had even though Fancy, their previous album, has a great concept I think that Feel Special is so amazing because it’s meaningful and very chic. I’m also happy Mina was able to be in the song.” The flow of the song is very electronic and upbeat, with an impactful chorus and an atmospheric rap verse.

Alongside the title track Feel Special, are five new tracks, RAINBOW, GET LOUD, Trick It, Love Foolish, and 21:29. JYP Entertainment revealed that each Twice member had a role in writing the lyrics for each song and that he was proud of the girls’ hard work and dedication.

Member Nayeon wrote the empowering lyrics to “Rainbow,” while the propulsive and energetic “Get Loud” amps up the energy with Jihyo’s words. The upbeat atmospheric melody of “Trick It” was co-written by Dahyun, while Momo co-wrote the electro-pop track “Love Foolish.” The whole group came together to write the lyrics to “21:29,” a song featuring their messages to their fans.

Nayeon wrote the lyrics to the b-side ‘Rainbow’.

Rainbow is sort of soft pop, at least in the beginning and it gets a tempo to match Feel SpecialRainbow also has more of a pounding beat which makes it more fun, more danceable, and more interesting. The intro of Rainbow starts off slow with the words, “Tell me, tell me, tell me, I don’t care/ Love me, Love me, Love me, whoever I am/ I don’t want to be bound by stereotyped feelings, it’s not too late/ The beginning of a red color at the end of the sky/ I wanted to see it, so I raised my head and I walked along the light.” The lyrics are beautifully written and show so much emotion, and I personally like the flow and sound of Rainbow over Feel Special.

Jihyo wrote the empowering and bold lyrics to ‘Get Loud’.

Get Loud starts off more boldly and in your face with no presentations to anything softer. The song starts with a pounding beat and the upbeat chorus, “The front line at one’s feet/ You want to cross that line/ Don’t be such a dangerous punk, you’re trouble/ Take a step and you’ll? Get down/ It’s too close, it’s really bad/ might be loud.” The lyrics are very impactful and empowering, and the song is very different than the sound Twice is known for.

Dahyun co-wrote the lyrics to ‘Trick It.’

Trick It is a little more different than the other songs on the album. The song starts out with a disco beat during the chorus, but before that is just pretty voices stuffing as many syllables into a line as they can. I think the way it starts out is better than when the song gets some momentum as it progresses.

Momo co-wrote the catchy lyrics ‘Love Foolish.’

Love Foolish is definitely one of the more experimental tracks on the album. It starts off with an electropop intro and then builds up into tortured synth lines and layers of instruments. “Do I know a lot? /Do I know you a lot? /I’d rather not say for myself/ The more you do the more harmful it is, toxic love,” Momo intones.  The song is very catchy and my personal favorite side track on the album.

All of the Twice members came together to write a song to their fans. ’21:29′ is one of Twice’s best ballads.

Twice as a group all came together to write the lyrics to one of Twice’s most beautiful ballads, 21:29. The song has a pretty steady beat throughout and has a consistent melody with heart endearing lyrics. The song starts off with, “This is for you/ You’re my dream/ How can I convey this overflowing heart?/ Maybe he’s a little clumsy/ Now, I want you to listen to me/Every single thing you’ve done for me /I remember everything /Thank you.” The song is meant as a thank you to all of Twice’s fans for being by their side.

The overall album is K-pop gold as it displays an impactful message and delivers a new sound from Twice. The album was well-received as it hit No.1 on Billboard’s World Digital Sales Singles chart. No doubt this release holds a special place to both Twice and their fans as the sentimental message of moving past negative and hurtful words shine throughout this sparkly dance track.