Is Lebron Still No. 1?


Maddison Joseph-Cooper, Sports Editor

Lebron James. When you think of that name, you think of the man who changed the NBA. The man who’s scores surpass even Michael Jordan. Many refer to him as the “Greatest of All Time.” However, as the seasons passed, fans have noticed that he’s become detached. Along with causing severe drama in the locker rooms that makes Lebron seem untrustworthy. And with that in mind, NBA fans have started to look down on him. Do you think Lebron is currently the best player in the NBA?

Over these past seasons, Lebron has shown to be a top-tier player that always at the No.1 spot in every ranking. He’s also famous for his amazing one-handed slam dunks. However, in the latest edition of the top 100 NBA players, it shows him ranking at a surprising 3rd place. A quick review of the list, it shows Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokoumpo in the first and second rank.

Previously, Lebron started his career as the No.1 overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later on, he has played for the Miami Heat and went back to Cleveland. Currently, he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s only played a total of 55 out of 82 games due to a groin injury, and without his leadership, the Lakers were unable to clinch a playoff spot. There were also times where Lebron was lacking on defense to the point where his own teammate had to give him a little “push” in defense. 

8th grader, Kyle Rodgers, had this to say about King James, “Lebron is the best player in the NBA because he can play any position he wants. He can play point guard, he can play center and he can play shooting guard.” However, 8th grader, Luka Mardesich, had the opposite to say about the King, “No. He [Lebron James] is not the best player because he’s really old, and Giannis is way better now. Yes, he can shoot, but he can’t really drive as fast anymore.”

With a new season forming and new stars on the rise, do you think Lebron is going to bounce back and place 1st or is this the start of his demise?