Meet Mrs. Brown

Meet Mrs. Brown

Taya Olsen, Staff Writer

Ms. Brown is a staff member at Dana. She was the special education coordinator and also the intervention navigator. She recently has been promoted to Assistant Principal of Dana Middle School and has been in this position for almost three weeks now.

Although she works in San Pedro, Ms. Brown grew up in Watts, California. She loves it there. She says, “It’s my community, it’s my home, and it’s where a lot of my family still lives and it’s where a lot of my friends live.” She currently lives in Compton, but misses living in Watts.

Ms. Brown enjoys spending time with family when she’s not at school and with her granddaughter. They enjoy going to the movies, going to dinner, and “just doing girl stuff.” In her free time she also is planning her wedding. Ms. Brown is getting married next year and has been spending a lot of time getting ready for the big day. To add to the excitement, Ms. Brown’s daughter is expecting a baby boy.

Ms. Brown thinks that working as an educator chose her. She thought she was going to be a lawyer and that was her intention and then one day when she was in college and someone did a presentation and began talking about how cool it would be to become a teacher and what it would mean.

Ms. Brown went to Cal State Los Angeles and received a bachelor’s degree in Urban Learning. She then went to Dominguez Hills to get a master’s degree in educational leadership and then got a credential in educational leadership which allowed her to become an administrator. She’s also has taken courses at Brandman University to clear her credentials. Ms. Brown’s favorite subject in school was history and still loves learning about what happened before her and how it shaped how things are today.

One thing Ms. Brown is known for around campus is her sense of humor and positive rapport with students and staff. When asked about her sense of humor, she explains, “if I didn’t have a sense of humor, I would go home every day crying! Kids are fickle sometimes you can get to them real quick or you could peel back thousand of layers to get to the route of the problem.” Ms.Brown’s favorite part about her job is the kids. She explains, “They are everything about my job. Everyday they teach me how to be my best self so they can be their best self.” 

Ms. Brown’s least favorite thing about her job is the paperwork. She says, “I don’t like having to log everything and write everything down.”