Universal Studios Horror Nights: Do you dare?

The main themes are American Horror Story and The Exorcist.



Debora Cortes, Staff Writer

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights is a night time event for anyone who enjoys getting scared and frightened. Horror Nights has 7 new awesome mazes, and new scare zones, and so much more.

Horror Nights in Hollywood starts September 16th and ends on November 5th. Universal Studios has multiple themes every year for Horror Nights, but sometimes they like to stay with the same themes from previous years. Last year the main theme was The Walking Dead but this year the main themes are American Horror Story, and The Exorcist.

Some of the new things they are adding this year are new scare zones featuring The Purge and the Terror Tram. A cool thing Universal Studios is going to do this year is decorate certain rides making them more scarier, intense, and exciting just for Horror Nights. Jurassic Park will be one of them as well as the Terror Tram.  

Horror Nights is the place to go if you are willing to be frightened “Horror Nights is way better if you want the thrill of scares.” Age is not a problem, anyone can go but it isn’t recommended for kids under 13 because of all the adult material that will be exposed.