The Untitled Review of the Untitled Goose Game


Anthony Ponton, Features Editor

Untitled Goose Game came out on September 20th, 2019, on the Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. It came out with 8 out of 10 reviews according to and mostly positive reviews by most people who played the game.

Untitled Goose Game is a strategic type game where you play as a horrible goose who goes around and tries his best to ruin others’ day. How you ruin others’ day is by breaking their stuff, moving things, and doing anything that would annoy them in all ways possible. 

The game has 5 levels in it, all progressively getting harder and make you think more. Each level has different people who act differently. For example, in the High Street, the second level, you have to ruin a child’s day, which he gets scared of you very quickly, and a shop keeper, which attacks you with a broom and does not get scared of you.

The game is programmed to react to your movements, so if you steal someones shoe they will chase you until the take it back or if you hide they will go back to their original post. If you honk or take your wings out at a person they will react by getting scared at you. Honking can be so much fun while you are trying to make a person have a horrible day, it can slow the person down and even have the person do things like smash there finger while using a hammer.

The most fun part of the whole game is making mischief. You follow the tasks and do that, sparking a funny reaction from the people and making certain parts very memorable. Usually the final one of each section is the most funny, having the person give up on trying to stop you and doing what they are doing for that day.

The game starts with a tutorial like most games, then after 5 minutes or less your straight into the first level with little to no knowledge which you learn later through trial and error. Your goal is to complete a series of tasks. There are about 5 tasks and 1 task which you get after completing the others and lets you progress in the game. These tasks can be seen on a piece of paper on your person which can be accessed whenever. The tasks are related to ruining the person’s day by messing with them. Once you complete the final task of that place you progress to the next area. 

The goose stealing the groundskeepers radio which results in a wild goose chase.

The game is loved by 8 out of 10 of its players according to, which the reviewer Tom Marks says “Video games have made me a god, a superhero, and a savior of planets, but rarely have I felt more powerful than in Untitled Goose Game. Being given control of this feathered menace and armed with a checklist of hilarious tasks to complete is some of the most fun I’ve had with a game all year.” But Tom Marks also says “My only real complaint is its fairly short run time – I would have gladly spent hours longer goosing around.” Dana Middle School student Rory Magoffin says about the game “It’s fun and wacky, and just an overall good experience.”

Untitled Goose Game is a fun game where you play as a goose and behave as horribly as you possibly can.