What’s Going On With TikTok?

Whats Going On With TikTok?

Marley Watkins and Mireya Berrios

You may have known it as Musical.ly when you were younger, but in August of 2018 a music and video app was released again as TikTok. The app is now off the charts as a social media platform. It’s the new trend amongst young people and we want to know why. 

Many remember the app called Vine which allowed users to post short videos and sketches. Vine has since retired, but the energy of the app lives on through TikTok. Sometimes funny TikToks give off a sort of Vine energy.  There are many different types of TikToks you can make. Comedic, music-related, or original videos of people performing are very popular. New features have also been added, Abigail Burrell, an eighth grader here says, “I have made plenty of Tik Toks. Some features the app lets you use are text additions and the filters that adds a good effect on something like a funny video.”

Another notable thing about TikTok is that everything about it can be entertaining.  In our investigations we found that users considered it pretty funny how addicting it could be sometimes. Noelia Suarez, another 8th grader also says, “I find it very interesting to watch because the content people post on the app is super funny.” People, generally teens, downloaded the app for “memes only” purposes. For example Sophia Caserma an eighth grade student here says, “ Yes I use it a lot because I like to see all of the fun and exciting videos people post and sometimes most of them are funny.”

Many used Musical.ly to lip sync to music, but it didn’t have as much features as TikTok. Many have downloaded it because they see the app as a “trend.” TikTok has developed into a social media platform that allows creativity in all kinds of ways. People take advantage of that. They use it in their own way and sometimes even create something fun and new. TikTok just provides the little things like filters and text. 

Since 2018, TikTok has been spreading rapidly over the internet. We think we might know why. Today many generations like to express themselves in creative and unique ways. Whether it’s dancing, making the audience laugh, or even doing something no one’s ever seen before, people love to express themselves through the app.

Most people find TikTok a perfect opportunity to create original content. Tik Tok gives them the ability and options to express themselves freely. So we ask again. Why is Tik Tok off the charts? Well here’s an answer. It isn’t just the app that goes viral. It’s the people on there that make people want to download it. Whatever we put our minds to using Tik Tok is what makes it so popular. We as users come up with something that is entertaining and exciting for the public.