Who Is The Best Joker?

Who Is The Best Joker?

Nikko Doughty, News Editor

The Joker has been a favorite villain ever since his first comic book appearance in 1951, but since then the clown prince of crime has had multiple styles and personality changes over the years.

The Joker was first seen in the comic Detective Comic #168 and I think that the creators were shocked at how popular he had become. The first animated appearance of the Joker on TV was in 1992. and ever since then, he has been appearing more often in modern-day films.

Today we will be comparing five of the jokers throughout history to see who is the best and who is the most iconic. 

  1. Cesar Romero’s portrayal as the Joker in the 1966 film “Batman”. This was hugely popular because this series was where the joker made his first on-screen appearance, and because of his sick suit and bright green hair. Cesar’s laugh is a more high pitched and hysterical laugh unlike others.

    Cesar Romero’s Joker In Batman
  2.  Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Now Jack’s Joker was the first one to have a visibly larger smile and this was due to the prosthetics placed all over his face to give him the right smile. Jack has a deeper and scarier laugh.

    Cesar Romero’s Joker In Batman
  3. Heath Ledger is a popular and very well known actor for playing the Joker due to his iconic laugh and his scars. His scars played a major role in the movie and the insanity of the joker. Heath Ledger had a high pitched laugh similar to Cesar’s.

    Heath Ledger’s Joker In Batman The Dark Night
  4. Jared Leto’s rendition of the Joker from suicide squad is definitely different. He is more of a gang leader than a crime master. He has lots of tattoos and his hair is neon green and slicked back. He also has a deeper laugh.

    Jared Leto’s Joker In Suicide Squad
  5. Joaquin Phoenix as the newest Joker, he had some competition. But Joaquin went to great lengths to prepare for this movie, he lost 52 lbs to make his appearance as the Joker more realistic and scary. Also, the directors have confirmed that this Joker movie is not connected to the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) The special thing about Joaquin’s laugh is that his laugh is that during the movie his laugh is both high pitched and deep.

    Joaquin Phoenix Joker In Joker

Now, most of these villains are fighting against batman. But Batman and Heath Ledger’s scenes together are magnificent they fill you with suspense and just make you amazed on hot twisted he can be. For example in the scene where the Joker wants Batman to hit him but Batman would rather injure himself than kill Joker.  

When polled, 49% of Dana students said that the best joker is Heath Ledger. Eighth-grader Scarlett Barrios says, “Heath Ledgers Joker doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion of his jokes. His actions are hilarious to him. His twisted and weird sense of humor is what makes Ledgers portrayal of Joker the best.” All of the jokers were great and made audiences awe at each representation.