Pokemon Sword and Shield Review


Anthony Ponton, Feature's Editor

Pokemon Sword and Shield released on November 15, 2019, on the Nintendo Switch. 


Pokemon is a huge franchise staring in 1998 with tons of games and new games still coming every year. Every few years they release a main game, known as a new generation. Recently, the newest generation came out on November 15, 2019, with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Like most Pokemon games it is released onto 2 games which are Sword and Shield. The difference between these games is the legendary Pokemon and some regular Pokemon, with a few story differences to adjust to these changes. The legendary Pokemon are Zacian for Pokemon Sword and Zamazenta for Pokemon Shield. Legendary Pokemon are strong Pokemon which are very rare to find.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the 8th Generation of Pokemon. Every new region is counted at a Generation. For example, the first games are counted as the 1st Generation. The game takes place in the Galar region full of new Pokemon and returning Pokemon which return with a new look or the same look. Some Pokemon that have a look change are Meowth, Mr. Mime, and more throughout the game.

Mr. Mime’s new look

The game is full of new features. Probably the biggest change is them getting rid of mega evolution and adding gigantamax which makes the Pokemon gigantic, this improves all of the Pokemon’s stats. For example, there are new places called Wild Areas, which are open places with tons of Pokemon to fight. With this, they add Max Battles which are battles against gigantamax Pokemon, which after completing fainting the Pokemon or catching it you get things for your Pokemon like rare candy and Technical Machines (TM).

The game’s story is similar to most of the other main games in the Pokemon series which is you play a new trainer who wants to beat all of the gyms and be the champion with more story details in there. The story takes around 20-25 hours if you are the average player even though some people completed it in around 15 hours.

 In all of the main Pokemon games, you get a choice of different starters. These starters are all fire, water, and grass with the exception of a few games. These game starters are Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey.


Scorbunny is the fire type Pokemon. Scorbunny evolves into Raboot at level 16. Then at level 35, it evolves into Cinderace. Scorbunny is based on an Albino rabbit.


Sobble is a water-type Pokemon. Sobble evolves into Drizzle at level 16. Then at level 35, it evolves into Inteleon. Sobble is based on a Chameleon. 


Grookey is a grass-type Pokemon. Grookey evolves into Thwacky at level 16. Then at level 35, it evolves into Rillaboom. Grookey is based on an Ecuadorian squirrel monkey. The game has mixed reviews from the players. Before the games launch the #bringbacknationaldex was popular to be used because of how users wanted to be able to have all the Pokemon’s in one game so they can just use them or trade Pokemon from previous games like Sun and Moon. Most people who used this hashtag had negative criticism about the game or didn’t like it. Most of these people say the graphics aren’t a step up from the last game, the game is to short, and many more arguments. On Meta-critic’s review for the game, the user reviews are at a 4/10 for the game.

On the other side, most critics loved the game. Review sites like IGN, Meta-critic, Tech-radar, and more say the game is around an 8/10. With a 9/10 rating for the game, Nintendo Enthusiast says “While I can admit that it still doesn’t do enough different, (The absence of voice acting is jarring.) the inclusions such as the Wild Area and streamlining of tired aspects are big steps in the right direction. Game Freak has succeeded in creating a new core entry worthy of being on home consoles, and Pokemon Sword and Shield are a couple of the best games on Nintendo Switch”. 

The reviews for this game are very mixed between reviews and the average player. I believe the game is great with me taking the whole weekend of the game coming out to complete it, and I loved it. The story is not complex, but the games meant for children so that makes sense. The graphics are beautiful and the new additions are amazing. My only big problem is the lack of things to do when done with the main story which you only have to do a few things that aren’t training your Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the newest game in the Pokemon franchise and released to mixed reviews from the fans and the reviewers, but in the end, the game is what it is.