The End of Golden State?




Maddison Joseph-Cooper, Sports Editor

The Golden State Warriors. When that team comes to mind, you think about the most feared team in the NBA. The same team that’s won back to back championships (except for 2016 NBA finals) with 6 championships. But lately, the Warriors have sunk to the bottom of the Western Conference with a losing streak of 7. Leaving them with a 2 win-12 loss record. What happened to the “Best Team in The League”?

After the championship game, the Warriors started making drastic movement with their players. During the summer, superstar Kevin Durant signed a contract with the Brooklyn Nets, 2004 first round pick Shaun Livingston announced his retirement, and NBA All-Star Andre Iguodala was sent to Memphis Grizzlies. Leaving Stephen Curry, D’angelo Russell and Draymond Green to lead the team.  Along with the absence of Klay Thompson due to a torn ACL and his recovery from ACL surgery. 

As the Warriors continue to plummet, many have wondered if they’ll have a chance to clinch a playoff spot. 7th grader, Ozzy Alvarez, had this to say about the Warriors chances, “I do not think the Warriors will clinch a playoff spot because they do not have the skill and team they had last year to make those playoffs again.” 8th grader, Latroyce Talley, known for being a Warriors fan, says this about Warriors chances, “Warriors have a chance to clinch a playoff spot because they’re the best team in the League and I love them.”

Meanwhile, other NBA superstars are not surprised of the Warriors sudden downfall. Lebron James, who’s played against the old Warriors four straight times in the NBA finals, took a little dig at the new Warriors team. When asked if it was weird playing against this new team without the “main stars” on the court, he replied saying this, “Not when you’re in it. I think when I’m watching them, when I’m at home on my off nights, it becomes weird then just seeing Klay in a suit, and not seeing Steph out there. But not when you play. ” He paused for a short moment, and added more about his opinion, “I played them in the finals without Kyrie (Irving) and Kevin (Love). So no.”

The Warriors have not yet shown any sort of changes to fix their current situation. But Warriors fans pray that they figure something out so that they can take back their title.