Staff Spotlight: Nick Sakurai

Staff Spotlight: Nick Sakurai

Taya Olson, Staff Writer

Nick Sakurai is the IT assistant at Dana and a campus aide at as well as the Data Clerk Boys and Girls Club LA.He has been working at Dana for 5 years. Many students know him and have positive experiences with him because he has great relationships with kids and staff on campus. When I asked him how have your relationships with the student population helped you in your job he said, “Because I treat all kids equal and I take time to listen to them it reassures them that I’m here to help, and they are more compliant to listen.”

Nick was born on September 9th, 1992. He is a Virgo. His favorite color is burgundy. His favorite candy is peach rings. His favorite theme park is Knott’s Berry Farm. In his free time he enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and taking photos of nature. He also enjoys listening to Post Malone.

His favorite thing about working at Dana is being able to help kids to be a better them for the future of the community. His least favorite thing about his job is kids who continue to get themselves into trouble. When I asked him why he decided to work with kids, he said, “Working with kids wasn’t something I planned to do. I ended getting hired by chance, but when I saw how cool everyone is, It makes me feel like I can make a difference and help everyone.” 

Nick is part Japanese and can speak 3 languages and is studying Traditional Japanese Performing Arts. He also  enjoys eating Japanese food and ramen.

Being a military kid he has lived in Japan, Hawaii, Anaheim, and San Pedro. He has attended Dana, San Pedro High, and Moanalua High in Hawaii. His favorite sport to play and watch is baseball. Growing up his parents put his siblings in little league. The Angels is his favorite baseball team.