Astros Admit to Cheating in 2017 World Series


Maddison Joseph-Cooper, Sports Editor

As we all know, the Houston Astros’ loss this year’s World Series to the Nationals, but recently, the Astros’ old players accused them of cheating during the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You might ask, what did they do? Well according to the Astros ex-pitcher Mike Fiers, the Astros were sign-stealing. Sign-stealing is the observing through legal and illegal methods which signs the opposing catcher is relaying to the pitcher. Fiers says that the Astros not only electronically but illicitly stole signs in 2017, while he was still a player on that team. Tyler Stanfford of Baseball Prospectus found evidence that the Astros used the system throughout the 2017 season. One of the evidence is the banging of garbage cans, pipes, and whistles.

Many have questioned this, since the Astros played against the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series [and ‘won’], should they give back their title and should the Dodgers earn the credit? Multiple MLB fans and Dodgers fans agreed that the Astros should surrender their 2017 title and Dodgers should receive it. But, Magnet Coordinator, Mrs. Crow, who’s known as the biggest Dodgers fan, disagreed with the idea of Astros giving it up. Mrs. Crow says, “The team has already lost its trust with the MLB. They’re already tarnished. Dodgers could’ve still found a way to beat them.”

Speaking of  losing trust with the MLB, the allegations has the baseball world demanding punishment to the Astros. Sources says that people wanted the Astros to pay a fortune in penalties, they want the Astros to forfeit draft picks, and have international signing bonuses. Other teams might have tried to at least once sign-stealing, but apparently Astros took it too far for their own benefit. 

While others address the issue, the Astros have not yet given their thoughts on the cheating allegations. Nevertheless, this scandal really changed baseball as we know it.