Juice WRLD Dead At 21

Marley Watkins, Staff Writer

 Rapper Juice WRLD known for his hit song “Lucid Dreams” was found dead at age 21 just recently on December 8th. He suffered from a seizure just afterlanding at Midway Airport in Chicago. 

TMZ has reported that an eyewitness saw Juice swallowing “several unknown pills” beforehand. The pills were later identified as Percocet, a drug to treat moderate to severe pain. Law enforcement sources state that when paramedics arrived he was bleeding from the mouth, he was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he died shortly after.

Juice WRLD died tragically at a young age but what he accomplished in that time he lived is remarkable. His song Lucid Dreams is one many know him for and before his death he came out with one more song, “Bandit.”  Dylan Matlock an eighth grader here at Dana states, “It’s a sad loss because he had a good career and a future ahead of him.” Juice isn’t the only rapper who’s future was cut short in 2019 but all these late rappers won’t be forgotten because they all used their music to make an impact. Isabella Greene, another eighth grader says, “It’s just really sad because these were all people that definitely others looked up to and their tragic deaths caused a lot of people to be upset.” Juice WRLD could’ve gone on to do more great things but he made the best of his music career.