YouTube Rewind 2019: Another Year Of Disappointment


Anthony Ponton, Features Editor

Every year YouTube since 2010 they have been releases something known as YouTube Rewind, which is a rewind of the year and shows all of the unique things that happen on the platform. But this year YouTube did something new and people have a mixed opinion on it… 

YouTube Rewind 2019: For The Record, it is not like the other years and is a top 10 list of big achievements and things people liked after there 2018 rewind which is the most disliked video on YouTube. Before we explain what happened with the rewinds in 2018 and 2019 let me explain what a rewind is.

A YouTube rewind is a rewind of the year with unique clips by some of the biggest and some not as popular YouTubers. The first rewind came out in 2010, and every year in December they release a new rewind. They have a unique theme every year. For example, 2013 had parts base on “What does the fox say” and was called YouTube Rewind: What does 2013 say. In 2018, YouTube released there rewind to people saying it was cringy with even YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki admitting the video was cringy. 

So what is so wrong with a top 10 list for 2019’s rewind? Everything is wrong with it. A rewind is supposed to represent what happened that year and a lot had happened like the huge canceled situation, the rise of tik to videos, re-rise of Minecraft, KSI vs Logan Paul, and especially T Series becoming the number 1 channel on YouTube. But YouTube decided to make a top ten list about things on YouTube with nothing unique about it. Their reason for making a top 10 video is that they wanted to show what the viewers liked but it took away the main part of rewinds which is to rewind the year. 

Why it isn’t good to showcase only the viewer’s most viewed things is because it is the whole thing with the uniqueness of the other ones. This rewind is just a top 10 list with some music in the background.

Some people like the video like one Twitter user says “I liked rewind 2019. Not as sensational or produced as years passed but I appreciate it” Most other people dislike it and are disappointed at YouTube like one Twitter user says “I expected nothing and I’m still let down somehow.” But almost everyone believes it is lazy with people all over the internet calling it like a Watchmojo video, which are top 10 videos which are made with little to no effort. One of the big indicators that people don’t like the video is like to dislikes with 2.9 million likes and 7.1 million dislikes in the first 6 days of the video being out.

Hopefully, by next year, YouTube will make a rewind as it should be, a rewind of the year.