Google Stadia: Why Did it Fail?

Matthew Ocegueda, Staff Writer

Google Stadia was launched on November 14th, 2019 to mass disappointment. Google Stadia is a gaming streaming service in which you would pay a monthly fee to plug in a pod to any device and play google’s library of games with their controller mostly free of hardware and rely entirely on your internet connection to play whatever game you so choose. Though this service should work fine on paper, just because accessing servers thousands of miles away to play already owned games online like Minecraft,Unturned and Guild Wars 2. This apparently doesn’t work with running AAA games purely through the internet very well with anyone who doesn’t have a 20 gigabit internet connection.

As a result many customers were quite angry with Google as they had promised not only running AAA games with low latency (Minimal Delay) Google had also promised being able to run these games at a 4K resolution and at a constant 60 frames per second promising better performance than the Ps4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

This claim also didn’t hold up very well as when released, Stadia was showing worse performance than the original Ps4 and Xbox one. Latency was also a very strong issue as most users would report making a movement on their controllers and waiting around 2 seconds for their virtual correspondent to actually move  And this was only half of the complaints as after a couple of days there were even more complaints regarding Google’s hardware,and the fact that most of the stadia premium customers didn’t even receive their console or controller.

Regarding hardware, people started reporting Google’s pod which plugged into devices started making an alarming amount of noise from it’s fan. There was also a mass issue of overheating and google stadia just shutting down. On top of this, many complained of cheap feeling and poorly built and designed controllers.

All in all, Google released stadia to jump on the current bandwagon which is streaming services to compete with Apple, Disney and whatever other company. I’m sure Google had the intention of bringing something new to the table by making a gaming streaming service as opposed to a TV or movie streaming service which I find respectable. Nonetheless though, Google Stadia was a failure and as of me writing this Google has decided to ignore all criticisms for their service.