A Review of the Tesla Cybertruck


Tanner Wymore, Senior Staff Writer

In November of this year, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s new vehicle in Los Angeles- the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck has impressive specs with a 0-60 in 1.9 seconds (quicker than a LaFerrari) and has a starting price of 39,000 dollars. The Cybertruck has been very polarizing for people, with some in love with the simple design, while others criticizing it for looking like a kid drew it. What do I think of the Cybertruck? Well…

The Cybertruck has impressive specs with a 0-60 in 1.9 seconds (quicker than a LaFerrari) and has a starting price at 39,000 dollars. It is undeniably a very competitive entrance to the electric truck market. Tesla uses a single sheet of stainless steel alloy for the shell of the truck, and a flat sheet of glass for the windshield, saving costs for the company, and saving time for the production of the car, Tesla is going to have electric competitors, such as Rivian. 

Tesla’s corner-cutting strategies to release a truck have caused people to have mixed feelings about the car. When most people think of a Tesla they think of smooth lines and something consumable for their audience. Tesla made a bold decision to unveil such an outlandish design at this point in their business, as they are still under the eyes of the public, this unveiling is going to affect the perception of Tesla for the rest of the companies life.

Elon’s objective may have been to polarize people and get eyes on the company, but the risk factor of this path he’s taking the company  is walking a very fine line and puts the company at risk.

8th-grade student Ana Rondeau stated, “I don’t like the way the truck looks because it doesn’t have side mirrors and looks kinda weird.” 

The Cybertruck has very desirable specs for a truck, but some may find the truck embarrassing to drive and out there, pushing people away from purchasing a Tesla. The first thing people see when looking at a car isn’t its specs, they see the silhouette of the vehicle. They think about parking the car in front of their house, driving to work, etc. Otherwise, if the design doesn’t bother you, the Cybertruck starts at a great price for new wheels.