A Movie Worth Seeing: Mulan


Eliana Flores, Opinions Editor

Mulan has been a very successful Disney movie ever since its debut on June 15, 1998. It has now impacted everyone again with its reboot, which is coming out in March of 2020. With all new characters and more action, I’m sure that we will love what Mulan has in store for us next. 

Mulan is about a girl who can’t find her place as an ordinary Chinese girl. But when her father gets a summons to go back into the war against the Huns, even though he is badly hurt, Mulan steps in. She disguises herself as a man and joins the Chinese army. She then finds her place in the army with help from her friends Mushu the dragon, Cri-kee the cricket, Shang, and more fighters, she is able to bring honor to her family. 

In the beginning of the trailer we can see Mualn and her father sitting down at a table discussing an important chinese lessons. Then it transitions into Mulan riding on her horse in the countryside of China. After that segment we see a scene with Mulan, her mother, and a new character, Mulan’s sister. We also se Mulan getting ready to become a bride, to go to see the matchmaker. Followed by that we have a scene of the village with guards delivering a letter to Mulan’s father. Shortly after we have a scene of the Northern Invaders, which take place of the huns. We also get our first look at the Emperor, and another new character, the villain, who is a Chinese witch. We then see the Emperor once more, and Mulan father taking the letter to tell him that he needs to report to the Chinese army the next day. We next see mulan’s father trying to warm up to the idea of using a sword and being in battle again. After the trailer plays a scene of Mulan, her mother, and Mulan’s sister sitting at their dinner table saying that their father and husband will not make it home. 

Toward the middle of the trailer, we see Mulan transition into know we know her best for. She takes her father’s armor and runs away from home. We then see her family scared and frantic looking because they realize that Mulan has run away and she has taken her father’s place. After that we see Mulan’s father praying to the ancestors. We get a look at the army camp, which is very large. We also get a look at what appears to be Shang, leading the army. Then we will next see them preparing for war with a series of training. Then the combat begins with a first look at what battle will look like. Then we see Mulan showing her true self, with her hair down, she now looks like a woman more than a man.  After that we see more acting with more looks at battles. 

In the movie there were many actors, Those actors include Liu Yifei as Mulan, Donni Yang as Commander Yen, Chen Honghui as Yoson An, Bori Khan as Jason Scott, Jimmy Wog as Ling, Doua Moua as Chien-Po, Cheng Pei-pei as the Matchmaker, Tzi Zhou as Fa Zhou, Ron Yuan as Sergeant Qiang, Rosalind Chao as Fa Li, Jet Li as the Emperor of China, Hua Xiu as Susan Tang, Ramtish as Chum Eheleph, Nelson Lee as the Chancellor, and Xian Lang as Gong Li. Unlike previous casting during this reboot, the Disney corporation is trying to make this movie more cultural, by having Chinese actors in their move, much like the Lion KIng where they had African American actors in their movie. 

But why is Mulan such and important movie for people, and what lesson should we learn from this movie. Well Delaney Nalen says, “Mulan struggles with her inner desires and feelings versus how she portrays herself. She, like many women and men, doesn’t know how people will react to who she really is and worries she will not be good enough. It is nice to have a Disney character who struggles with the pressures placed on her by society and know it is something that many people face.” She also says that, “Mulan is someone that children should aspire to be like. She follows her gut, she cares for her family and she gives it her all.” The life lesson is the movie Mulan is to accept those who are different than you and it does not matter the gender or the identity you are. Throughout the whole movie Mulan is trying to find herself, and to find her place in her family. No one sees the real her until after when she comes back from fighting. 

But did the students of Dana like the new trailer. Well 8th grader, Angela Bologna says, “I don’t like it because they removed iconic characters, but I believe that it is good that they decided to make the movie more realistic to tell the true story of our past and what happened.”

In the end this movie will be action packed for sure. This new Disney movie will be a movie worth fighting for. I can’t wait to see Mulan on March 27, 2020.