The Mandalorian Review


Nikko Doughty , News Editor

The Mandalorian has been blowing up after it was first released on Disney Plus in early November. This show was a piece in the Star Wars universe and includes many of the well-known species and characters. There is one character in particular that the internet has been raving about, Baby Yoda. This show intrigued Star Wars fans and even people who don’t watch star wars. Another great thing about the show is that you don’t need any prior Star Wars knowledge to understand this show.

Baby Yoda inside his pod

This show’s main character is The Mandalorian (Mando), he is a bounty hunter working for the bounty hunter guild. He is sent out to different planets to capture people with a high bounty and takes them back to his boss for money. Mando is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, but his payments aren’t high enough. He eventually asks for the guilds highest bounty but it’s a job under the radar. A man named Greef Karga gives him instructions on where to find the man who will pay him for getting a creature. The man looking for the creature was a mysterious man working with the empire. He offered Mando an extremely “handsome” reward for the creatures’ return. Mando searched across the galaxy to find this creature. When he finds the creature he instantly wants to protect it and care for it, like a father figure.

This show has been blowing up all over the internet and everyone has been raving about it. 8th grader Michella Infantozzi says “This is my new favorite show and my favorite character is baby Yoda.” This show will gain a second season in late 2020 and should be better than the first one.