Roddy Ricch vs. Justin Beiber (The Box)

Roddy Ricch is an upcoming Compton rapper who in December dropped his 2nd album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. The albums second song The Box blew up and has 174 million streams on Spotify at the time of writing this, and No.1 on Billboard top 100. 8th grader Maiya Mejia stated, “I like the song but it’s overrated”

In early January, Justin Beiber released his song, Yummy, in hopes of getting number one on Billboard. The song had very generic pop lyrics, and was about what you’d hear on the radio for a couple of months, and then fade away. There wasn’t any problem until Justin started asking fans to promote his song in very strange ways.

Justin Beiber posted a series of Instagram posts that told his fans to listen to the song in their sleep, in hopes of getting the song more plays, earning Justin number one. People thought this was bad sportsmanship of Justin, and scummy of him to steep to such a low level. The way people saw it, he was trying to get number one, without legitimately earning it.

Roddy Ricch only rose to fame in 2019, and Justin has been a celebrity and artist since he was a young kid, and trying to bring down an upcoming artist was a low blow for Justin. The Box ended up winning out Yummy, and Yummy dropped down the numbers of the charts, as The Box continued to thrive.