Joker Is Not 2020 Oscar-Worthy


Hera Serna, Staff Writer

Over the years the film industry has always found a way to win over our hearts, whether it is a story of love or a story of redemption. Over those past years, those films have gotten all the recognition they deserve and the Oscars have played a crucial part in giving recognition. Their nominations range from the best screenplay to the best costume and makeup. The Oscars of 2020, however, have been raising many questions about their nominations and creating a great deal of controversy. Oscar snubs are happening left and right but the main question creating controversy is, was Joker Oscar-worthy?

Joker was a film that brought up an amazing amount of hype but also a large amount of conflict between the viewers. It told the story of a man named Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian as he was doing his best to try and weave his way through society. He’s slowly driven insane as he deals with the people around him and his Schizophrenia. While directing the movie Joker Tod Phillips wanted to direct a movie that would send a reality check to the audience and sort of teach them about empathy. Phillips wanted to be able to show the audience a world without empathy and how we would just become one cold, dark place with people who just don’t care about each other. This is exactly what he managed to do. It is undeniable that the new move Joker struck a chord within everyone as it brought back memories of our anger and resentment. In a way, everyone can connect with Joker when the movie shows his madness unfolding. Tod Phillips directed this vision perfectly and Joaquin Phoenix helped make it come to life, but the question remains of whether this movie was truly Oscar Worthy or not?

With the movies that were being nominated for the Oscars, it is difficult to say that Joker was the best movie of the year when movies like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Parasite, and even Hobbs and Shaw had been released. 

Joker dragged on showing the process of how Arthur became the Joker but when we saw the Joker it didn’t feel like the Joker that we’ve seen for over 79 years. His performance was amazing and Joaquin Phoenix went through amazing lengths but in the end movies like Parasite, Jojo Rabbit, and 1917 were simply better. They managed to tell amazing stories and earned their spot on the Oscars list. Bong Joon Ho even had a similar vision while directing the Oscar-nominated Parasite that Tod Phillips did with Joker. They both told the story of the lengths that the “lower” class would go to be treated equally to the “higher” class.

While the movie did have its amazing moments some of the audience didn’t think their story was enough to be claimed “Oscar-worthy”. The movie was even claimed to be the most, “disappointing film of the year” by Peter Bradshaw, a journalist for The Guardian. He made a claim saying, “Todd Phillips’ solemn but shallow supervillain origin movie has a strong performance by Joaquin Phoenix but is weighed down by realist detail and tedious material.” In other words, the movie had great acting but that acting can’t make up for how boring it was. While it is understandable to think the movie dragged on you also have to understand that all that time of the film is showing you how a man can slowly break when in the worst possible pain.

On the other hand, some of the audience found the movie had earned its Oscar nominations as it captured our age perfectly. It was a perfect representation of how our world is changing into one of madness like Gotham. The movie shows the audience, riots, like the riots in Hong Kong and makes them ten times worse. A journalist of the Washington Post claims, “Fleck’s choking, gasping guffaws are difficult to watch not solely because they reveal a man in pain but because they suggest a lack of bodily control mirroring the loss of societal control surrounding him. But that tonal difficulty, the inability to properly gauge how to respond to a world that has stopped making sense, represents the responses we see so often in social media and elsewhere. Inadvertent laughter masking impotent rage.”

Even though the conflict still arises there is no doubt that Joker was an amazing movie. Tod Phillips told a story with its dark humor and gave out a handful of laughs with his modern rendition of the Joker. He was able to tell the story of how the paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor