Review of Party of Five Reboot


Chiara Gutierrez, Staff Writer


When you think of the average U.S. person, everyone thinks of something different. But the most common average U.S. person people picture, would be a white male/female with blonde hair or blue eyes. But why is that? 16.7% the US population is hispanic and/or latino. most of them have immigrant parents. In the new reboot of the show “Party of Five” on FreeForm it is changing the media’s perspective on the Latino community and showing what the kids really have to go through when their parents get deported. After all, this is happening all around us, seeing as a majority of America is Latino or Hispanic. 


In 1994 the original “Party of FIve” aired on TV. In the original it featured the five Sallinger siblings, Bailey, Charlie, Julia, Claudia, and the baby Owen. They had to go through the struggle trying to take care of each other when their parents tragically died in a car crash. The kids then have to run the family restaurant along with taking care of a baby. 


In the new reboot of “Party of Five it is about the Acosta siblings, Emilio, Lucia, Beto, Valentina, and the baby Rafael. In the reboot the Acosta siblings are caught off guard when suddenly I.C.E (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)  barges into the family restaurant while Valentina, Rafael, and their parents are eating. Their parents are then taken away from them and put into a detention camp and forced back into Mexico. 


The five Acosta children are visiting their parents at the detention camp.          

The reboot shows many different struggles. One of them being that the oldest kid, Emilio, is a recipient of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). If you don’t know what DACA is it is something that gives kids who were brought across the border when they were very young to receive an eligible work permit and a chance to have a better future. But, in 2019 Trump wanted to take DACA away from the children, which left all DACA recipients worried. In the show it shows the struggles that the kids have to go through with knowing whether or not their brother will get deported. If he did, the kids would have to be separated and put into foster homes. 


Some other struggles the kids face without their parents are, running their families restaurant, taking care of a baby, the youngest daughter going through puberty and needing her mom, the older daughter making bad decisions and not helping with things, the oldest son taking care of 4 kids at a young age, and trying to get lawyers so they can get their parents back.  Even though “Party of Five” is a show, it captures many of the things that happen to kids when their parents get deported. When I asked 7th grader, Raymond Chavez, what he had to say about what these kids have to go through he said, “It’s sad what these kids are going through.” The actress who plays Lucia, Emily Tosta, moved to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic when she was 12 and says, “ I wished that I saw more people that looked like us on TV, that were representing our culture.” 

Representing the latino community is very important today in society. In an article by The New York Times about the new show, this is what they had to say about it, “This is an opportunity to really get into the perspective of a group of people in this country that has been marginalized – and on many occasions villainized – and show they are people, too” Now in society many people try to make latino people seem like they are bad people. When really it’s the opposite. This show is helping to show that just because their ethnicity may be different from yours, doesn’t make them any less of a person.

The show “Party of Five” on FreeForm has made a very big impact on the way the media sees Latinos. It really brings out the true essence of what really goes on behind the scenes when parents get deported. This show may cause controversies but in the end many people need to see this show and look at it as a way to know they aren’t going through anything alone.