Why Are Countries Leaving The UN Nuclear Weapons Treaty?


Matthew Ocegueda, Staff Writer

The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons treaty started in 2015. Countries are leaving.

The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons treaty is the first and only treaty conducted and introduced by the UN which basically stops anyone who signs it from using any nuclear armaments against any other living being.This means if you sign the treaty, you can’t bomb anyone with nuclear weapons. 


This treaty began in 2017 with rising tensions between countries and an ever growing supply of nuclear weapons. Since then The US, China, UK, Russia, and Iran have left. Now keep in mind this may have only been a thing since 3 years ago but the fact that countries are so quickly changing their minds and now wanting to nuke each other is concerning at best and deadly at worst. So why are so many countries leaving?


Now since it doesn’t pay to wage war over land or resources  (at least not yet) anymore no one really wants wage any war at all because it takes money, time, resources, and you’re not even sure you’re going to win so why bother? 


Well the answer is quite simple. Petty debacles. Or another nation is responsible for the death of a close family or friend. (we’ll get to that later) Well for starters a few nations like The US, Russia, and China have left just because they want to nuke people. Which  I suppose makes sense due to the last time anyone used nuclear bombs on battle was when the US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end ww2 in 1945. Which has led countries like the UK to leave as well due to not wanting to be sitting ducks against a nuclear attack. Nations like Iran however have left due to another nation incidentally killing one of the top leaders of the nation. 


So what does the future hold for this treaty? The answer is probably not much. It’s been almost 3 years and several countries have already left. If 4 countries leave each year the treaty won’t even last 2 decades. To conclude, Nuclear Weapons are very deadly. All it takes is 1 nuke to a decently populated area to kill hundreds of thousands. While also rendering any nearby land uninhabitable for thousands of years. These alone are what the treaty was issued for and many have been quite disappointed it’s been advised as lax as it has.