Billie Eilish and Her Music


Lina Hernandez, Staff Writer


           Billie Eilish is a singer and songwriter who is very well-known today. She has been active for about five years and some of her most popular songs include “Bad Guy,” “Everything I Wanted,” and “Lovely.” Billie Eilish is very popular and actually recently sang at the Oscars! However, nobody is born a star. 

          Billie was at the Grammys recently and won five awards for Best News Artist, Song of the year which was her song “Bad Guy,” Best Pop Vocal Album, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. 

          Like many other singers, Billie started out small. She grew up in LA and her talent in the music industry started from chorus. Music had always been part of Billie’s life especially because it  had always run in her family. When she was a kid, her mom taught her and her brother, Phineas, the basics of songwriting. As Billie got older she got better and better with music. She joined a dance company and began making her first big song; “Ocean Eyes.” Billie showed it to her dance teacher expecting nobody else to see it, however, to her surprise the next morning the song went viral and she was very popular. This was Billie’s first step into becoming a musical legend.

            Three fans from Dana Middle school state their opinions on Billie Eilish and her music. “I honestly get intrigued,” says an eight grader. “if I hear one song  I want to hear more of her.” Another Seventh grader says how Billie would get her through tough times. She says: “When I’m kind of sad I listen to her songs.” This same student also says how Billie Eilish songs inspired her in some ways, “I actually love listening to her songs when I draw,” she says, “It gives me inspiration for some things, like sometimes if I’m having trouble I will listen to a song of her’s.” A staff member is even a fan of Billie Eilish. She described how Billie was unique and stood out from most of your average singers, she states: “I like how she’s young and has her own style.” This is a statement a lot of us can agree on. Billie is popular because of her different style of singing, so it’s no surprise that she won so many awards.


           Billie Eilish may be extremely popular, however, no singer is loved by absolutely everyone. Some students at Dana dislike her songs. A steam magnet seventh grader states: “I don’t think it’s her voice, I think it’s her lyrics. I don’t understand them.” Another student also isn’t a fan of Billie’s lyrics. “I feel depressed whenever I listen to her music,” he says, “She always talks about dying.”     

           Despite some people not liking her music, Billie and her music is loved by so many. Billie Eilish is and always will be an inspirational singer. Her songs are so popular and we hope that her career will live on.