Andrew Yang Drops Out of Presidential Race


Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

On February 11th, 2020, Democratic candidate Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race. Throughout his campaign Yang became known for his numbers approach, and this decision was no exception to that.

“I am the math guy, and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race, so tonight I am announcing that I am suspending my campaign.” stated Yang.

He said his decision was based on not wanting to accept donations for a campaign that he knew wouldn’t succeed. His campaign was also unable to win any delegates in both New Hampshire and Iowa. His supporters were sad, but overall accepting of his decision. 

Yang’s campaign gained traction due to his ‘freedom dividend’, which promised every American a shared basic income of 1,000 dollars a month. A policy that got him a lot of attention and gave his name a lot more weight in the 2020 presidential race.

Yang’s politics were also based on stopping automation within jobs across the US. He focused on the economic impact that it has had, and highlighted how many people had lost their jobs due to it. This point came along with his ‘freedom dividend’, claiming that people who were left unemployed should be able to support themselves and the economy.

Despite not having a lot of supporters, his following was definitely loyal. Calling themselves the Yang Gang, his supporters were very supportive of him and he had a very strong connection to his following. However, the quantity and support just wasn’t there in comparison to some other candidate.

At the moment the democratic party is in a very divided state. There are a lot of candidates with a strong difference in views. Yang was no exception to these diverse views, making him an interesting member of many democratic debates debates. With the dropping out of Yang, it brings up a point of how much weight these candidates really have if there are so many of them.

Despite the substantial amount of democratic candidates, Andrew Yang was important because he was the only candidate of color in the race. Yang called this both an honor and a concern. This shows how much more room politics have to grow in terms of diversity, and who is able to have a strong voice in the political world. 

Yang’s background was a very important part of his political career, and as ason of immigrants he was very focused on providing people with education. He also created a non-profit organization to give graduates start ups. 

In the end it was Yang’s strong personality and dedication to statistics and numbers that brought him a strong group of supporters. He called his campaign the “nerdiest in history” and his supporters seemed to like this idea, showing up in math hats to rallies and carrying a loyal spirit to his campaign. 

Yang is yet to state whether or not he will endorse another candidate at this time, but his mind may be changed. He has shown interest in being a running mate or a member of a presidential administration. 

Overall Yang’s dropping out of the presidential race was devastating but understandable news for many of his supporters, and it came as an important point in the 2020 presidential race. As a smart and standout politician that built a strong following of supporters, Yang took a unique stance on fixing a lot of the current issues with the US economy. Hopefully the democratic party can learn from some of Yang’s own policies, and give him a chance to make changes this election.