Super Bowl 54 Recap


Chiara Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Recently on February 2, both underdog teams, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, battled it out on the football field in Miami, Florida, for Superbowl 54. With the Chiefs winning 31-20 it was definitely a game many are saying they will remember as this was the first time winning the superbowl and going to the superbowl in 50 yrs.

The 49ers and the Chiefs are two teams many people thought wouldn’t be in the  . The past couple of years these two teams were looked down upon by many people because of their past. In the past years all anyone would hear is that the 49ers are one of the worst teams. And as for the chiefs, nobody really talked about them because people thought they weren’t an important team, which isn’t true for either of the teams. The chiefs were the AFC champions this year winning teams such as, the Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, and the Patriots. With their coach Andy Reid, who has been coaching for over 20 years they were determined to get him his first ever Superbowl win. With great players such as, Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce, maybe it was finally their chance to get a superbowl win. 


This year for the 49ers their scores were starting to go up drastically. They were 13-3 winning teams such as, the Packers, Rams, Steelers, and Saints. They then went on to beat one of their biggest rivals the Seattle Seahawks, getting them to be in the NFC championship and later on winning the Packers a second time. With some of the best players in the NFL such as George Kittle, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Nick Bosa, the superbowl against the Chiefs was bound to be a great game between two teams with amazing players.

During the whole game both teams were going head to head and you could feel the anxiety and anticipation rise in both the 49er fans and Chief fans. It was finally the 3rd quarter and the 49ers were winning 20-10. They were 10 points up and at that point all 49er fans already thought, that was it, and that the Niners were going to win the superbowl. Then in the blink of an eye it was 20-17, then 20-24. With only around a minute left on the clock the score had changed to the final score, 31-20 with the Chiefs 11 points in front of the 49ers. During the 4th quarter the 49ers had so many opportunities to do what they are most known for, their running plays. But, Kyle Shannahan, the head coach for the 49ers, had let all of the 49er fans down as he didn’t call any run plays. 


As the game slowly came to end and you could see all of the love and happiness on the sidelines as the Chiefs exchanged hugs to one another, because they knew that they had just one their first ever superbowl. But something you could also see was the sadness coming from the Niner fans, players, and coaches. Even though the Chiefs won there was a lot of deliberation coming from everyone as the touchdown that led the Chiefs to victory might not have been a touchdown at all.

Ethan Vasquez, a 6th grader at Dana was rooting for the 49ers. When i asked him if he thought it should have counted he said, “ Of course not, because when he extended his arms he already was out.” He then went on to say, “Because of that touchdown they won.”  This shows that if they hadn’t have called that touchdown the 49ers could have won.

I also asked another 6th grader, Brandon Lacona, who was rooting for the Chiefs, what he thought about the “touchdown” and he said, “They replayed it like 30 times and you can clearly see that it was not a touchdown.” This shows that even people rooting for the chiefs thought that it wasn’t a touchdown. But at the end of the day, the Chiefs still won. But did the win go to their fans’ heads? They may have won the first superbowl but that shouldn’t mean anything.

Celebrities had a lot to say about the game. A tweet by Ann Coulter who is a famous author, e.t.c, shows exactly what happens when greed takes over. In the tweet it says, “Maybe 49ers should reconsider that FIRST FEMALE COACH.” This tweet was directed to Katie Sowers, who is the first female coach in the NFL and is on the 49ers. Sowers then went on to tweet, “I wanted this so bad for my guys… for my dad. Congrats to the @Chiefs … please as you comment to my players or staff members, remember we are all human. As @TheEllenShow says, Be Kind. This loss has unfortunately reminded me of the hatred in this world” 

I asked Deagan Urquides, who was also rooting for the Chiefs, what he thought about the post by Anne Coulter and he said, “That’s just sexist. They shouldn’t do that.”

Andy Reid, who is the head coach of the Chiefs, enjoyed his first ever Super Bowl win and said, “ ‘I’m really excited about it,” Reid said ‘You get one, you want to go get another one. But we’ve got to backpedal for about a minute and enjoy this one and [then] we’ll get busy on the next one.”  For him, this was so important because he has been coaching for 50 years and now he is finally able to say he won a superbowl. In an interview with Andy Reid he said, “ I didn’t spend the night with the trophy. I spent it with my trophy wife.” 

Quarterback of the Kansas CIty Chiefs holds his Superbowl trophy alongside his coach Andy Reid.

This Super Bowl game was definitely one to remember for many people, especially the Chiefs’ fans. These two teams have a great love and dedication for football inspiring kids all over. As George Kittle said, “I WILL be back here. I will be back here. And I will be back here with a vengeance.” Everyone will definitely be seeing the Chiefs and Niners again, and hopefully this time people won’t look down upon these teams anymore.