Overwatch 2 Game Review


Nikko Doughty, News Editor

The original Overwatch was a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter that had 31 playable characters and five different game modes that you can play. Overwatch 2 is proposed to have 3 new game modes for the players to play. These new game modes are said to be a story mode, tug-of-war, and new PVP modes. 

The story mode is most likely going to be an AI fight with yourself or a few friends fighting against the Null Sectors (a robot terrorist group) and trying to talk them down. This mode will be level-based and have you go from mission to mission until you finally take the Null Sectors down. In story mode, you will also be able to level up and give your characters new talents thus making them stronger.

An example of the new hero traits.

In the tug-of-war and PvP modes, you will be on a team going against an opposing team. You will each have a goal and will need to complete the goal to win the match. The PvP is mainly getting an update opposed to a new game mode but it should include new maps and potentially new characters.

The new hero Sojourn

There will also be minor game updates such as character designs, bug fixes, new skins, new voice lines, and new emotes. I asked 8th grader Tabitha Roby what she thinks the best part of Overwatch 2 is going to be and she said “The character designs and the new game modes.”  There was very early speculation about Overwatch 2 where people did not like the idea because they would lose all of their progress or not be able to play with their friends. So Jeff Kaplan responds to this with “All of that is influencing us, as we’re reading that it’s influencing us, and i’m in a position to fix it.”

New versus old graphics

Overwatch 2 has no solid release date so far but as of now it is in development and will possibly be released in the next year or two.