The History of Converse


Emma Abrego, Staff Writer

Do you see people walk around with Converse and ever wonder how they became so popular? Well I’m here to talk about the history of Converse. 

High top Converse originated in Malden, Massachusetts by Marquis Mills in February 1908-1920, but years later Chuck Taylor marketed the brand. They were originally created for basketball players for their games. They started off with black platform, canvas leather brown base, with brown laces and later on became black and white shoes and way more stylish.


An original Converse shoe when it was first created

Besides being basketball shoes they became very popular in a lot of music videos. Now they are a very popular shoe brand and they are worn very often. 

7th grade student Edith Gholson says “I like Converse because they go well with things and they come in different colors in case you want to match something and they look nice to me, comfortable there, and their old school.”

The shoe is seen in very many cultures and the brand has collaborated with a lot of celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown. Millie And Converse collaboration and made “Millie By You.”  

Converse are featured in a lot of music videos especially in Bruno mars videos. They are featured in more music videos by Ariana Grande, Megan Trainor, Jonas Brothers ,etc. 

The Converse legacy was not only focused on basketball shoes, but also received a following from many other pop culture figures. They have been used for music videos, skateboardings shoes, and way more. People have had so many creative ideas with Converse one of the most popular collaboration they made was the “Tyler The Creator” Converse. They are pretty expensive and sold out very often. They even made skateboard shoes and they are currently popular with kids today. Nowadays Converse are going back to their roots and being redesigned to be used in basketball yet again.

The basketball redesigned Converse sneakers.

7th grade history teacher Christina Bologna says why she think converse has impacted the society “I think that they are fashionable , they are definitely comfortable, and they come in so many colors that people can wear them with any outfit that they want to.” 

Even musicians love this iconic shoe. According to the article from “Bustle” by Tyler Atwood, Ice Cube is quoted saying, “it’s crazy to think that them basketball cats played in Chuck Taylors. I got Chucks in my suitcase right now [.]”

Converse has been a very popular brand since 1908-1920 and the brand’s legacy will still continue for years on.