Conspiracies: Star Wars Rogue One Premiers December 16th!

Ricky Terrones, Staff Writer

“Star Wars: Rogue One” is a new installment to the Star Wars series, which is an old science-fiction favorite for many people around the world.

“Star Wars” was first introduced to the world of film on May 25, 1977 by famed director George Lucas who made the first trilogy consisting of “A New Hope” “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”

In the original trilogy, we see excellent writing and amazing orchestral music accompanied by intense action scenes and beautiful visuals for it’s time. After that George Lucas decided to create prequels to make a better backstory for the original trilogy, but the prequels failed to entertain the fans of the original trilogy.

Now, under new directorial management, we were introduced to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” made by J.J. Abrams, which was very successful in the box-offices. Next up is “Star Wars: Rogue One,” of which will uncover a backstory of the original movies, taking place before and during the construction of the “Death Star.”

0d53c6ce-5729-4211-882a-126f41c864e5About two decades into the Empire’s rule, we follow the story of a former criminal named Jyn Erso working for the Rebel Alliance. After numerous incidents caused by Jyn, including forgery of Imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest, the Rebel Alliance sees potential in her and tasks her with the job of retrieving information from the Empire on a new weapons system. She is grouped with a task force, given the new alias “Rogue One” to go and find that information. Being a crucial time period in the Star Wars universe, there is much to be revealed about the original story.

First, could Jyn Erso be the mother of Rey from “The Force Awakens?” This is backed up by a few sources, one being Colin Trevorrow, director of “Rogue One” in which he states on Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve seen all of the theories… What I do know is that we’re going to make sure that that answer is deeply and profoundly satisfying, because Rey is a character that is important in this universe, not just in the context of The Force Awakens but in the entire galaxy, and she deserves it. So we’ll make sure that that answer is something that feels like it was—it’s something that
happened a long time ago [in a galaxy] far, far away, we’re just telling you what happened.” This promises the fans that we will have a pleasing answer to who Rey’s parents are in “Rogue One” and that it will be the answer fans were looking for. 
Timing of the events add up too. The time between”Rogue One” and “The Force Awakens” means it actually very possible that Jyn would have given birth to Rey later in her life after her missions with the rebel alliance. And they look very similar, too.forget-luke-skywalker-rey-as-jyn-erso-s-child-is-far-better-for-star-wars-episode-8

Another theory is that Han Solo and Leia were close family friends with Jyn. Speculated because Jyn may be meeting Han Solo during “Rogue One” and towards the end of “The Force Awakens,” Leia hugs Rey with compassion of loss instead of Chewbacca, who had a significant history with Han and would be the only other person who would understand her pain. Also, another theory comes from when Rey is fighting Kylo Ren in the woods on “Starkiller Base”, Ren says “It is you” stating that there had to be some sort of quarrel between the two, or even their past family or friends. This means that Ren could have inferred what Han Solo hadn’t, which would be the fact that Rey was the daughter of Jyn, who would have played a part in the Rebel Alliance surviving the Empire. As we know, Kylo Ren idolizes the old Empire, so it makes sense that he would want vengeance for its destruction caused by the Rebel Alliance.

Next, could Jyn become Captain Phasma? A teaser trailer shows Jyn wearing a black stormtrooper uniform, displaying the imperial symbol on her right arm. In the trailer, we hear the speaker say “What will you do when they
catch you? What will you do if they break you? What will you become?” Thus, could Jyn be converted to the dark side? Phasma never revealed her identity in “The Force Awakens”, hidden behind her stormtrooper helmet. This could prove to be a truly devastating plot twist.785596d9-1ef8-41ec-85ee-22d6480a50b6

And finally, another link between “The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One” could the group working alongside Jyn actually become “The Knights of Ren”?  This group is a faction of the Dark Side that appear in “The Force Awakens” during a flashback from Rey, which are thought to be the ones who killed all of the Jedi, and they are led by Supreme Leader Snoke, of whom Kylo Ren speaks to on several occasions. Concept art was released for “The
Knights of Ren” and fans noticed a strong resemblance between the knights and Jyn’s group.rogue-one-cast-photo-d23-1536x864-521514304075

First off, Saw Gerrera is thought to look like The Heavy, who both wear a large coat along with several pieces of armor.  Captain Cassian Andor looks very similar to The Sniper. While wearing somewhat different clothing, they have similarly looking guns, and hold them the same exact way. Bohdi Rook looks like The Armory, whom both wear blast-goggles and are carrying many pieces of equipment and weapons on their body.  Chirrut Îmwe, who while not looking like each other, upcoming books describe Chirrut as somewhat of a “Spiritual Warrior.” Lastly, we have The Rogue and it is much theorized that Jyn could be The Rogue, since she is a primary character in “Rogue One.” This would certainly debunk the theory of her becoming Captain Phasma, and whom would now kill the Jedi race, excluding Luke Skywalker.

And there we have it, three theories that should have you ponder what may happen in the new movie, “Rogue One” which will be coming out December 16th, 2016. The saga continues.