Kobe and Gianna Bryant: The Life and Legacy


Sonia Valencia, Senior Staff Writer


On January 26th, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant as well as seven other people tragically died in LA due to a helicopter crash. Recently, everyone all over the country has been doing things to honor Kobe, Gianna, and everyone else on the helicopter, especially LA. Kobe was forty one and Gianna was only thirteen when this had happened. Now it’s time to honor how they made an impact on us, with the monumental life that they both shared.

Kobe Bryant was on the LA Lakers for many years, joining the NBA in 1996 at only 18 years old. Playing 1,346 games in his NBA career, appearing in eight all-star games, scoring the most points in a single game of the modern NBA era, and scoring more points and freethroughs than anyone in history, he obviously led a successful life. He had four daughters and an amazing wife named Vanessa Bryant. She was the first one to speak at the memorial on February 24th, saying things that all moved us. Vanessa and Kobe were married for nearly twenty years before the crash. One of his daughters, Gianna Bryant always had the dream of walking in her father’s footsteps. At the memorial, Vannessa, Giannas mother said “If I represent the present of the women’s game, Gigi represented the future, and Kobe knew it.”

Like previously stated, there were many tributes all around the world for Kobe and Gianna. In LA there were many murals, on Metro Buses there is writing saying “RIP Kobe,” a virgil outside of Staples Center, in staples center a sea of jerseys, and much more. Not only LA has done things for him and Gianna, but other places as well such as New York, other cities in California, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Some fans even wanted to put Kobe on the NBA logo. Speaking of fans, Edward Salceda a seventh grade math teacher here at Dana wanted to speak out and say something. He says, “ Kobe left a positive impact on people because of his mamba mentality. Always pushed us to see challenges as a good thing and that if you face those challenges you’re just going to get stronger. We should always focus on his positive impact and thrive to have that mentality.” 

Two other students from Dana also wanted to speak out. Robert Marnani, an eighth grader here says “Kobe left an impact on me because he was an overall legend. He helped so many people get over adversity and help them achieve their goals. Kobe made sure that he put his family first even though he still had to focus on basketball. He put in so much work and time to be the best he could be. He made me work hard to make sure I achieved my goals.” Maddie Cooper, an eighth grader also says, “When I first started learning about basketball, he was the first basketball player that I knew about. As I started playing basketball I would sometimes look at old videos of his games so that I can get an idea on how the game is played. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for him to be honest. I wanna say that his daughter Gianna was also a big impact on me because, since she was 13 just like me, there was a chance that we both could have been in the WNBA together :(“ Overall, Kobe and Gianna left an amazing impact on others, and we will always remember their success, life, and legacy.