How Will Covid-19 Change the Entertainment Industry?


Eliana Flores, Editor In Chief

The world as we know it is now in crisis, we  are in a world pandemic with the COVID-19 virus that originated in Wuhan, China amongst the seafood and meat producing communities, quickly spreading all over the world like an angry wildfire, compromising the United States as well. Many social gatherings cancelled, the entertainment industry is really suffering. The entertainment industry is a huge industry that makes the world come together. With concerts and movies being cancelled and postponed there is a huge dent in the industry. 

One of the specific things that is impacted are the concerts and tours that were supposed to take place in 2020. Tours are a huge part of entertainment today. With many artists, it usually marks a milestone, a new album that has just come out. In 2020, many of the concerts that were scheduled were postponed. Some of the tours that were scheduled, that are now postponed are the Justin Bieber Changes tour. It was supposed to start on April 30, 2020. But now that has changed because of the pandemic. Another tour that was supposed to take off in 2020 was the Lover Tour, courtesy of Taylor Swift. Her tour was supposed to start in June of 2020. This week she had revealed that she was cancelling all of her tour dates for her new debut tour. Musicians are also struggling with preparing for their debut of their new albums. With a lot of people being fired from their jobs, musicians now have to postpone their album releases because of the delay of recording songs. But, this is not the only thing being cancelled and postponed. A lot of the festivals that were supposed to go on are now cancelled. One of them being Coachella. The festival that is located in Palm Springs, California was supposed to take place a week ago. Late last month, it was revealed that Coachella was not taking place in 2020, because of the spread of Covid-19. This had a lot of people mad, but at least people are taking precautions into stopping the spread of the virus. 


Taylor Swift announces she's been forced to cancel all her 2020 ...
Taylor Swift’s Instagram post saying that she is going to be   cancelling her tours in 2020, until 2021.

Another thing that is impacting the entertainment industry is the movie business. There have been many movies that have been released digitally instead of being released in the theaters. One prime example is Trolls: World Tour. Right now you can access it by going online and buying it off of Apple TV and other online streaming services. This has been happening with a lot of other movies. But they are also postponing the movies that are supposed to be record breaking box office movies. One example of this would be Disney’s postponing of Mulan. Mulan was supposed to come out on March 27, 2020. A lot of people wanted to see this movie, including myself. But with the announcement of us being on lockdown it made Disney postpone the date. The new date that it is coming out on is July 24, 2020, if the lockdown does not persist. 

But why would Disney not release it on Disney +. Well, Dan Rayburn, an author, analyst, and chairman of the Streaming Summit says, “Because Disney is so big and valuable, it can afford to “wait two, three, four quarters” to release Mulan in theaters, rather than releasing it on a streaming service right now.””These companies are looking to get the most out of their assets they can,” Rayburn says. “They spent the most amount of money to produce this content. Why would they take less money just to push it out now? It doesn’t benefit their business in any way. There’s no downside for Disney simply waiting a few quarters until all of this clears.” 

With the awakening of the virus, the industry has also been affected because a lot of the actors and actresses have been in contact with someone, or caught the coronavirus. One couple that was infected by the virus is Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. They both came in contact with the virus in Australia, where Tom was filming an upcoming Elvis movie. His wife Rita had stated that, “I was so ill I could hardly stand.” This just goes to show that this virus is not a joke. Another example of how the industry is being impacted is that major shows that are in progress are now being postponed because someone came in contact with someone who had the virus. Season 4 of the hit CW show Riverdale was postponed for a while because an actor came into contact with the virus. CW did not reveal who that actor was but only that the show was postponed. It did eventually come back last Wednesday with its newest episode Wicked Little Town. 

But why is postponing the tours and movies a good thing or a bad thing. Well, 8th grader Sicily James says, “I think it’s a good thing to postpone movies and music tours because people have spent money on those places to go to and it’s kind of like scamming them if music tours don’t get arranged.” On the other hand, 8th grader Isabella Haage says, “Its a bad thing because when you postpone movies it takes away money… and tours it makes the people mad because they lose their money and the person on tour doesn’t get to see their fans and see how much they care.” 

In the end the Coronavirus is not a joke. This world pandemic is taking a toll on all of us. Now with movies and music being postponed, what are we supposed to do with our free time? All we can do right now is stay inside and wear your mask and keep a good distance from others. Remember staying at home saves lives!