5 Books To Read While In Quarantine


Hera Serna, Staff writer

San Pedro has already lasted a month of remote work, online school, and social isolation but now we have much more time ahead of us. In this dark time, the easiest thing that could happen would be to lose your creative touch. Worry not for there is a simple solution for those afraid, read a good book. A book that would do the most stimulation would be The Art of War but epidemic times cause for epidemic filled books. Here are five books for you to read while in the isolation of your home

  1. The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand is a Stephen King novel that is hugely popular for being his largest book written. It tells the story of a fight between the light and darkness in a post-apocalyptic world. As our story begins, we meet a soldier and his family as they flee from a government facility that has become contaminated with a virus that will be used as a biological weapon. This virus has caused the death of almost every living thing in America. Following the outbreak, a small number of survivors begin to find one another and band together to survive. They all experience recurring dreams of a frightening dark man and a kind old black woman who tells them to come to find her in Nebraska. This old woman believes God has given her a mission to gather all the survivors in Boulder, Colorado, and prepare them to fight the dark man. Unbeknownst to her though, a demonic entity known as Randall Flagg is assembling a faction of his own. Flagg is hellbent on destroying anyone who opposes him as he proceeds to take over the world. The woman tells the survivors of Colorado to go and fight Flagg to save the world. Everyone is sure that they will die but this does not waver their faith as they set out on a journey to save what is left of their world.

Andromeda Strain By Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain is another apocalyptic novel but this apocalypse is caused by an alien source. The strain of bacteria finds its way on Earth after a rocket ship, was sent into space to find knowledge to protect Earth from any alien contagions. This, however, is a cover so that the government will be able to use this knowledge for chemical warfare. Their rocket ship doesn’t last long as it is sent crashing back to Earth after hitting an asteroid. This asteroid isn’t anything normal as it sends back a souvenir with the rocket ship. Two agents are sent to a small town in Arizona, where the crash happened, only to find the whole population dead. The government is prepared for something like this and sends a team of five scientists to find the last transmission of the two agents. Upon their discovery, the scientist finds that they are dealing with an alien contagion. Surprisingly, there are two survivors from Arizona, a baby, and a 69-year-old man. As they gather more evidence, the team can conclude that the contagion kills humans by rapid blood clotting. Along with the cause of death, they find that the survivors had high pH levels in their blood while those who died had normal levels. Testing goes wrong and the virus mutates into something much stronger.

The Girl With All The Gifts

The story follows an apocalyptic world in which a mutated fungal disease has turned all of the population into cannibalistic zombies. Only a small group of children have survived and now attend a ‘school’ that tests on them to find a cure. Our protagonist, Melanie, is a child that attends this school and dreams of seeing the outside world and her family. Sadly the world isn’t anything like Melanie has dreamed when she sees for her own eyes. After being attacked by people who survived by scavenging Melanie gets to see both the world and what she is. They attract a group of flesh-craving zombies who attack the school and Melanie escapes with a small group of people who don’t exactly know what to do with her. She keeps her distance from them as she fears that she might hurt the humans if she craves human flesh. They go on their journey for survival as they search for the safe haven, Beacon. On their journey, Melanie proves herself to the group many times, but trust doesn’t come easy with the many differences of the group. On their journey, they meet many people who want to kill them and help them.

Two Can Keep A Secret

If you’re looking for a book without the annihilation of humanity, then you might want to try Two Can Keep A Secret. Our story follows the two siblings, Ellery and Ezra as they move to their mother’s hometown to live with their grandmother. After further inspection, the siblings find that their mother left the town because of the death of her twin sister during the senior prom. As Ellery settles in her new home, she meets new people and makes new friends hoping she will be able to leave the dark past of her family. Ezra, on the other hand, is jumping with excitement at the fact that there is a murder mystery that needs solving. It doesn’t take too long for Ellery to join her brother as she starts to see the threats littered around the town. The two meet Malcolm, the prime suspect of all the murders, but is he the murderer? Ellery and Ezra step into a world that has danger at every corner they look. The police get involved, and Ellery doesn’t know when is the right time for her to step back from her own investigation. Secrets are told, lies are spread, and friendships are broken in this novel. No one can be ruled out as the primary suspect in this story.

Six of Crows

If it’s a fantasy novel you’re after in this time of quarantine, then look no further, Six of Crows is one that will satisfy any reader. The Six of Crows has the same author of the famous best-selling Grisha Trilogy. Our adventure starts with Kaz, a thief, who is hired to break a scientist out of an impenetrable prison. He then sets off to gather a crew consisting of Inej, Nina, Jesper, Wylan, and Matthias. With his crew in tow, Kaz sets off to retrieve the scientist and bring him back alive. Sadly things do go as planned as some of the crew members want this scientist dead. This crew isn’t the best bunch for a mission with such high stakes, but after working and planning together, they find it hard to be a family. When several failures and setbacks happen, plan A is deemed a failure, and the crew now has to do even better. Plan B is even worse than plan A as it is seen as a suicide mission for the group. Not everyone is going to make it out alive and they don’t know for sure if they will even be able to complete their mission.

Quarantine has gone for a month now, and there is no denying that it will go on for longer. Your phone and game console can only keep you occupied for such a short amount of time. Instead of staring at the screen, try your luck with one of these five books. I’m positive you won’t be able to put any of these books down, and while you’re at it, check out some of the authors’ other books.