Top 5 Roblox Games


Roblox is a place where you can create and play at other peoples games. You can add your friends` and play together. Or even create a game and make the currency called Robux. However some games are just a lot better than other games so here are the top 5 games on Roblox (in my opinion)


  1. Doomspire Brick Battle

Doomspire Battle is a game where you are on the team red, blue, green or yellow. The goal is to knock down the other team’s tower to get rid of their spawns. After that, the team can no longer respawn after they die. To do this you use weapons such as swords, dodgeballs, slingshots, a rocket launcher, a bomb and a wall build. If you utilize these tools right you will be able to take out the other teams without as much effort.


  1. Arsenal

Arsenal is a game kind of like the game “Gun Game” as if you get a kill, then you get a different gun. There are tons of different game modes like free for all, 2 teams, 4 teams and a bunch more. Your goal is to try to get to 33 kills the quickest. When you get to 32 kills you will receive a golden knife that you have to kill someone with to secure the win. A good trick to use is to get behind someone and backstab them to get an insta kill. And after that, you can show off your victory by showing off your character and different emotes bought in the game shop.


  1. Adopt Me!

Adopt me is a game where you can adopt a baby and take care of them to make money, or adopt a pet and take care of them. You unlock pets by buying eggs which hatch into all sorts of pets. Taking care of babies and pets include feeding them, taking them to school, or taking them on a trip to go camping. If you get 4 of the same pet and fully grow them, you can make a neon pet. Neon pets have some parts of the animal that are neon like their feet or their ears. Overall, I think Adopt Me is pretty fun because I like taking care of pets.


  1. Car Crushers 2

In Car Crushers 2, you crush cars. I’m just kidding. You can collect over 200 cars and use over 40 crushers. There is also a stunt park where you and your friends can do tricks and stunts. There is also pvp mode, so if you and your friends want to fight, you can do it with just changing 1 setting. There is also a derby arena where you break as many cars as you can to win.


  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme park Tycoon 2 is Probably one of the best games on roblox. You can build roller coasters to your heart’s content. You can unlock achievements to unlock different rides and roller coasters which your customers will ride and enjoy doing. You can also unlock food stands to treat your customers to some tasty snacks. And everytime someone uses your ride, you get money for it. You can get really creative by adding decorations and even creating mountains your rides can go through. Overall, I think this is a great game and it brings out your creative side


I think you should play all of these games when you get a chance. They are all really fun and you will probably get into these games after you play them.