Why Advisory?


Olivia Douglass, Staff Writer


Advisory is a class that used to be done at the beginning of the day and had different content, it was changed by LAUSD this year when school was moved online.  It’s new purpose is to help students stay on track in academics and support social and emotional health during the pandemic.  The LAUSD website says,”Advisory creates school connectedness…Advisory builds trusting relationships…Advisory personalizes learning for students,” they explain why they changed the objective of the advisory classes.

Do teachers like their new advisory set up?  Teachers have to teach their original subject on top of using there lunch to the new advisory schedule.   How is it having to teach different content in advisory?   A teacher at Dana Juliet Lavia says,” Its not bad but its hard i don’t think they should be any work..”

Do advisory classes accomplish their purpose.  Or is advisory just more added stress and assignment for students and teachers, or is it helpful?  According to an anonomus Dana student,”No (it is not helpful) because am more stress about advisory.”  Kendall a Dana student she disagrees saying,” I think advisory does improve social and emotional health because it allows students to be more involved in class and with students.”  

Their lots of mixed thoughts about advisory.  Some say it is not great and some will even want to continue after we retire to in person learning.  A 7th grade student Kendall says, “Yes”, they would like to keep advisory when we do in person learning,” because I like the group advisory’s it gives everyone a chance to talk and explain what is going on or things to help us for  PBL.” Others say advisory has room for improvement, Matthew says,” I would change advisory so that they give you like 15 minutes to talk to your friends.”So what do you think, is advisory helpful?