LA Department of Health Bans Trick or Treating, Walks Back Policy


Halloween take a new turn with it’s costumes!

Milad "Milo" Esfahani, Staff Writer


The LA Department of Health sent out a memo on the 8th of September declaring that trick or treating is banned. But after a lot of public backlash, the ban was then changed into a recommendation against trick or treating.

The reason for the ban was for an obvious reason, which is the current Covid-19 pandemic ravaging throughout the whole world, and they sent out a memo banning, then recommending against trick or treating. “Halloween gatherings, events or parties with non-household members are not permitted even if they are conducted outdoors,” said the LA County Department of Health on their website.

This ban was created to protect individuals because when people trick or treat they usually don’t social distance, and trick or treating wasn’t created during a pandemic. There are many alternatives to trick or treating, but the event itself wouldn’t be considered safe due to no social distancing. But there was a lot of public backlash from a lot of people on multiple social media platforms, and also multiple police officers said they would refuse to give tickets to those trick or treating. This caused the LA Department of Health to revise their memo into a recommendation against trick or treating the next day on the 9th.

There can be many alternatives to trick or treating if you still want to have fun and stay safe. Some of them include trunk or treating, Halloween Zoom parties, same household family parties or movie night, etc. Some students from Dana had some thoughts on Halloween and trick or treating this year. A student named Kendall said, “My thoughts on Halloween this year during the pandemic are that if people don’t go, it would be safer and a lot of people wouldn’t get Covid.” And another student named Matthew said, “We should trick or treat, just wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.”

Although trick or treating is not banned, the LA Department of Health recommends against it for your safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. So if you are going trick or treating, try to find a safe way or alternative and have fun while staying safe.