Is Our Police System Equitable?


Chiara Gutierrez, Senior Staff


In America, one of the most controversial topics is racism and oppression towards minority groups, more specifically oppression towards Black people.

Some Americans believe racism is still alive and effective today, while others believe some people are over exaggerating when speaking about the topic. When talking about racism, one of the most common things brought up is law enforcement.  With the police being 3x more likely to kill a Black person in America compared to a white person, and 1.3x more likely to kill an unarmed Black person compared to a white person, many people are second guessing their opinion on the people we were taught to trust with our life. 

In recent months, many protests have started around the world. With deaths such as the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and countless other men, women, and children, many people are resentful towards the police system. In regards to Breonna Taylor, she was sleeping peacefully when cops who claimed to have knocked and made their presence known shot her to death.

 One article by a former prosecutor on The Washington Post, who shared his thoughts on the killing of Breonna, he states,“I’m a former prosecutor, and I would have charged all three officers with manslaughter.”   He then goes on to state, If three gang members burst into an apartment, were met with gunfire by somebody in the home, and in response shot up the apartment complex and killed an innocent person, they would almost certainly be charged with homicide. It’s no less of a crime when three cops do the same thing” In this statement he is trying to say, just because they are cops, does not mean they get to abuse their power and get away with crimes. With 98.3% of cops not being held accountable for their abuse many people are trying to fight back against the system. When interviewing 7th grader Kain Nielsen about his thoughts on if cops should be held accountable he said, “No, because they are forced to kill if they have to.”

Another example of the police system having a biased opinion on white and black people is the killing of Tamir Rice. Tamir Rice, was a 12 year old African american boy who was shot and killed by a white police officer because he was holding a toy gun. When you take this example and compare it to Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17 year old white male, who walked in front of cops with a gun, to a Black Lives Matter protest and shot many people without being stopped you can clearly see the difference in how law enforcement treats people differently based on the color of their skin. 

With Black Lives Matter protests being one of the most important things in America right now, of course many people are going to agree with it.