Best Games For The Pandemic


Milad "Milo" Esfahani, Staff Writer

Due to the current pandemic people have more chances to play video games because we have to stay at home. Video games can help people take their minds off of what is going on around them -like the pandemic- and drift into the world that they are playing in. However, there are some games -in my opinion- that are better than others, so here is a list of my top 5 favorite games.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that was first released on May 17, 2009 by it’s developer “Notch”, and a little fun fact is it was originally called Cave Game. Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can do anything you want in Creative Mode, or try to survive and beat the game by killing the Ender Dragon in Survival Mode. If you think you are a pro enough to try Hardcore Mode and beat the game without dying, then by all means do it so you can have something to brag about. Now you may be thinking, “Milad, how can this be a good game if there is no multiplayer.” Well you see random reader, it can be a multiplayer game because you can go to servers and play games with real people like Bed Wars or Skyblock. Then you also might be thinking , “But what if I want to play with my friends on one of my worlds.” Well, you can actually play with your friends in two different situations, the first being if you are hanging out with your friends in a close proximity you can turn on your LAN (Local Area Network) and your friends can just hop in. If you are playing far away from each other you can invite them through their username.

4. Among Us

Among Us is a popular game that you have probably heard of either through Youtube or playing the game yourself. It is a murder mystery type of game where there is up to 10 players and there is 1-3 imposters (or murderers if you may). There are two ways to win as a crewmate (innocents) and 3 ways to win as imposter. One way to win as a crewmate is all the crewmates have to finish their tasks, and the second way to win as a crewmate is to figure out who the imposter is and send them into the cold abyss of space. There are technically three ways to win as imposter, the first way is to win by killing everyone on the ship you are on, the second way is to kill all the crewmates until there is the same amount of crewmates as there are imposters, and the third way is to deceive the crewmates into voting each other out until as -with the other winning condition- there are as many crewmates as there are imposters. So when you hop into a game of Among Us and get Imposter, you better get ready to lie your pants off.

3. Mount & Blade Bannerlord

Bannerlord is set in the troubling land of Calradia when the giant Empire is in ruins and chaos. This is a mix of RTS (Real Time Strategy) and an RPG (Role Playing Game). You start off as a revenge seeking brigand with low funds, and as time goes on you can become a vassal of the kingdom that you choose; the gallant Vlandians, the barbaric Battanians, the raiding Sturgians, the nomadic Khuzaits, the Arabian Aserai, or one of the three contingents of the broken and crumbling Empire, so either the Northern, Southern or Western Empire. *Spoiler Alert* And if you want to you can eventually create your own empire once you have the power (it would be called the Empire of Calradia). You can recruit soldiers and upgrade them into seasoned veterans, fight in large battles, and participate in large sieges and use trebuchets and catapults! You can level your character’s skills and get yourself cool perks. To be honest though one of my favorite part of the game is smithing down captured weapons and crafting new ones. Game is rated Teen Pegi-16

2. Call of Duty WWII

In the Call of Duty WWII campaign you play as Ronald “Red” Daniels and it starts off on D-Day, and from then on your character creates a brotherhood with his fellow comrades and become close-knit with each other. You then go on to push on in through Europe until you reach Germany and help end the war. But the best part is the multiplayer because of the wide range availability in the arsenal, like the Executioner Claymore, which looks really cool. Now to others it may not seem as interesting as the newer Call of Duties, but I mean since I am such a history buff this game is the best First Person Shooter ever. Game is rated Mature 18+.

1. Total War Rome 2

Total War Rome 2 is a turn based strategy game that is slower paced, so if you are able to put a few hours aside when you have the time, then that is perfect for this game. To me it is by far the best game that there has ever been despite it being released Sep 3, 2013. Yes, in all games there are sometimes bugs but since I am such a historical buff I love this game so much because of how you play it and how the soldiers look. You can either play as one of the 36 playable factions in the Grand Campaign (not including the numerous DLCs) and 117 total factions in the entire campaign, showing how vast the game is. In multiplayer you can play as one of the 36 factions in games up to 4v4s. There are three types of game settings in which you battle. There are pitch battles, where you fight on an open field and try to defeat the enemy using the terrain, there are naval battles where you fight on the sea on ships and try to beat the enemy by either boarding the enemy ships and killing their crews, or you can ram and sink the enemy with your ships. And the last type of battle is a siege battle, where when you are a defender you take advantage of the wall and narrow street chokepoints, or as an attacker you can use your extra funds to overwhelm the enemy into defeat. This game is very fun and wonderful for anyone because it is a game that you can never get bored of. Game is rated Pegi-16.