Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Review


Valentina Barlow, Staff Writer

Over quarantine and stay at home order, many people like myself have discovered the beauty of anime.  There are many different genres of anime, and a wide variety of lengths. Some anime vary from 12 episodes to 7,071+ episodes. Toilet Bound is on the shorter side with only 12 episodes and one season.

Although it is on the shorter side, it is still one of my favorites. From the soundtrack to the art style, the anime is great. Being as short as it is, it is still action packed and it’s easy to get into. Most anime have pretty clear titles like Cells at Work or Demon Slayer, Toilet Bound on the other hand doesn’t speak for itself . But as it turns out , it’s about demons and adventure and of course a toilet plays a big role.   

When I started the first episode I was a little confused but honestly I didn’t know what to expect from toilets. But it came and delivered. Now let’s set the scene.

The whole anime takes place within the haunted school of Kamome Academy. Normally you would think schools would be haunted with ghosts, but Kamome is haunted with the Seven Wonders: seven supernatural “ghosts” that bug the students on a day to day basis.  Most knowledge of the Wonders are spread through rumors and over an anonymous radio channel in the school. Which brings us to Hanako-san of the girls bathroom, arguably one of the most popular Wonders in the school. Hanko-san is said to be the spirit of a girl in the third stall of the girls bathroom and can be summoned to grant wishes, but at a cost…. This now brings us Nene. Nene is a simp and hapless romantic. She seeks the attention of her new crush, Teru, one of the most popular boys in school. She gathers up the courage and confesses, but gets rejected.  But Nene doesn’t give up and decides to ask Hanako-san for help.  Rumors said Hanko-san can be summoned by knocking three times and asking .” Hanako are you here?” So Nene summons Hanako and to her surprise Hanako- san is actually Hanako-kun, the spirit of a boy and not the spirit of a little girl.

After clearing things up between the two of them, Nene informs Hanako-ku of her wish, and he agrees,but only if Nene will be his assistant and help him with chores and errands. She agrees and her wish is granted (with a plot twist) Later on into their friendship they gain another member of the group and his name is Kou. Kou is a young exorcist, part of the famous family of exorcists, and the younger brother of Teru. They gain each other’s trust and have crazy adventures in a wild series.