Olivia Douglass, Staff

            A little hole in the wall bakery opened up in late agust 2019 at 2311 S Alma St, San Pedro, CA 9073.   Snice then the bakery has grown to a serve a large comunity of loyal costomers and has been fetured in both the San Pedro Today  magazin and The Eater Los Angelous.  The owner Kristin Colazas Rodriguez was born and rasied in Long Beach and after collage persewed her dream of being a baker by working in many different restraunts befor finaly opening her first bakery.  Her first bakery, Colosuss bakery foucauses on local agriculture, and handmade pasterys. Kristin says the hardest part of opening her own bakery was,¨Financing and accounting. Raising start -up capital to establish our business, hire, insure, and acquire inventory as a new business is very difficult. We started out very small working out of a shared kitchen to establish cash-flow/sales and build relationships with other local businesses and customers before acquiring our first space of our own .¨

             Kristin´s bakery has made it though thease hard times.  Kristin explians how Covid19 has had a big impact on Colossus,¨ Covid19 has affected everything about our business from staffing to our menu and the way our customers order. We have added many ordering services such as pre-ordering and online ordering to make it easier for our customers to order and pick-up quickly and contactlessly at the front. We have also closed the cafe as it became a bottleneck for ordering and pick-ups during peak hours.¨  Even when other restraunts had close for good Coloussus provailed.  What makes this small bakery so special?  It could be the local agriculter inspirered hand made pasterys, Kristin claims,¨ We have no produce suppliers. All of our produce is hand-selected by myself from local farmer’s markets and farmers we have established relationships with. Our butter is the highest quality from France, and our ham is the best we could find, made by a small company in Berkeley, CA. Our emphasis is on quality in addition to local sustainability. We use the highest quality ingredients and source those directly from small sustainable operators whenever possible.¨ 

           Suport small bussines owners in the comunity.  Vist Colossus one of San Pedros hidden gems. If you go there be sure to order Kristins favorite the item the Olive and Cumon Sourdough loaf.