An Overview of Discord


     Have you ever wanted to keep in touch with your friends during this pandemic but you don’t have a mobile phone? Do you want notifications whenever your favorite youtubers or streamers post a video or are live? Or have you ever wanted to be talking with your friends while you are playing video games? Well the the app/website Discord can help you do those things and more!


     There are a lot of things you can do on Discord, one of them being able to join servers with friends, or if you want to you can join any Youtubers’ or games’ servers and get notifications whenever something happens. Or if you and a few friends want to keep in touch with each other, you can create your own private servers where only you and your friends can be in. If you want to tell one of your friends something private, then you can send them a DM so only they can see it. In the servers (and also depending on the rules of it) you can join a voice chat where you can speak with your friends while you are playing a game, so you don’t have to be on a phone call to talk with them. If you want people to know what you are doing, then you can set a status saying what you are doing, like for me I put that I am writing an article, but you can put it as anything you want.


     Another thing you can do is is setup bots onto your server, like the Groovy bot, where you can join a voice channel and type a command to play music, and Groovy will play any song that you want to play. You can also have traditional phone calls through Discord, turn on your camera, and even share your screen!

     This is where I will put the results of the surveys. A little fun fact about Discord is as about late 2020, there were over 100 million people using Discord and 6.7 million active servers. 

     Therefore Discord can be a very useful tool to keep in touch with friends, talk with friends while gaming, get notifications, etc.