2017-2018 Staff

Alex Van Duyne

Staff Writer

Alex Van Duyne is an 8th grader here at Dana Middle School. She is an only child and her elementary school was South Shores. If she could travel back to any grade she would travel back to preschool, “I would go to preschool...

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Cole Bruhnke


Cole Bruhnke is a 8th grader here at Dana Middle School. He’s been here at Dana since 6th grade. His favorite theme park is Universal Studios  even though he’s never been much of a theme park person, the thing he likes the most...

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Maria Seiple

A&E Editor

Maria Seiple is a journalist here at the Dana Mariner. She has lived in San Pedro for most of her life. But she lived in Pennsylvania for a little bit. Her after school hobbies are robotics at the Dana robotics team, drama, and Ma...

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Aytana Martinez

News Editor

Aytana Martinez is a seventh grade student here at Dana Middle School. In her free time, Aytana likes to read, write, and travel. Aytana explains admiringly, “I love Oregon. I went to Oregon to see a solar eclipse, and there...

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Kelly Yoshimura


Kelly Yoshimura is a Journalism student here at Dana Middle School. Before Kelly came to Dana, she used to attend Crestwood Elementary. Kelly says that she made a lot of good friends in Journalism last year. Kelly enjoys r...

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Joaquin Rogan

Sports Editor

Joaquin Rogan is your average 7th grader here at Dana Middle School, he gets straight A’s and loves sports (everything except volleyball), and is a huge UCLA fan. But when he takes a break from getting perfect grades you can fi...

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Arianna Cau

Opinions Editor

Arianna Cau is a 7th grader here at Dana M.S. Her particular interest for reading and writing in The Dana Mariner would have to be politics and reviews. She plans on going to college, but isn’t sure of where she might be going, but sh...

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Isabella Terzoli

Social Media Manager

Isabella Terzoli is a seventh grader at Dana Middle School. She used to live in Torrance but now lives in San Pedro. Isabella has 2 sisters and 4 dogs.  She says that her baby sister inspires her because of how happy she always...

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Anna Elliott

Staff Writer

Anna Nicole Elliott is a 8th grade student at Dana Middle School. She has hobbies of reading, drawing, and volleyball and describes herself as whimsical, courageous, and easily annoyed.  Anna's favorite articles to read are politic...

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Jared Arbolario

Staff Writer

Jared Arbolario is an 8th grade student at Dana Middle School. Before he came here to Dana, Jared went to both 15th Street Elementary School and Park Western. One of his hobbies is playing the piano. He plays classical and jazz mus...

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Kimberly Falcon

Staff Writer

Kimberly Falcon is a seventh grader here at Dana Middle School. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and drawing. She also has a passion for both cooking and art, and finds herself quite good at both. When asked wh...

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Paul Armendariz

Staff Writer

Paul Armendariz is an 8th grade student. He went to South Shores Elementary before attending Dana Middle School. He describes himself as creative, witty, talkative, and funny. He enjoys reading, writing, bowling, and drawing i...

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Anthony Ponton

Staff Writer

Anthony Ponton, a 6th grader at Dana Middle School and journalist for The Dana Mariner, has lived in San Pedro most of his life. He says, “I like how it’s(San Pedro's)not that big but at the same time it’s interesting and...

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Samantha Brown

Features Editor

Samantha Brown is a 7th grade student at Dana Middle School, and is on the Journalism staff. Before Dana, Samantha went to school at Portuguese Bend Nursery school, and then went to Pt. Fermin. She says “I was born and rais...

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