Alex Van Duyne
Alex Van Duyne is an 8th grader here at Dana Middle School. She is an only child and her elementary school was South Shores. If she could travel back to any grade she would travel back to preschool, “I would go to preschool because we didn’t do anything and I didn’t care, and I could just be happy and not stress about stuff,” Alex said with a sigh. Alex’s favorite food, right now, are milkshakes! Alex mostly enjoys writing fiction stories and enjoys writing about books she is reading and movies she is watching, it’s not necessarily a review but just a special thing she likes to do. Alex’s favorite social media is YouTube. She doesn’t use many other types of social media. In her spare time Alex plays the violin and dances ballet and sometimes contemporary. Alex loves to read fiction, and one of her favorite books is ZodiacZodiac is about zodiac signs as planets, so each zodiac is represented by a planet. There is this new guardian of Cancer, named Rho. She receives warnings while reading the stars of dark matter caused by the 13th sign, Ophiuchus. She travels to the other houses but no one believes her. Uniting all of the planets is her quest. ​

Alex Van Duyne, Staff Writer

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