Alyssa Mack
Alyssa Mack is a 7th grade STEAM student here at Dana Middle School. Before Alyssa came to Dana Middle school, she attended  15th Street Elementary School. Alyssa’s favorite thing about Journalism “is being part of something,” she says.

Alyssa likes to play music. She plays the guitar, drums and piano. She likes to watch a lot of tv like Netflix and the Disney movies. Alyssa’s favorite writing style is writing informational things. She says, “I like to write informational stuff because I am not really creative so I can never think of what to write.”

Alyssa doesn't know exactly what she wants to be when she is older but she's right now really interested in being a musician, “I'm not sure but for music I would attend to Los Angeles school of music” Alyssa says. Alyssa’s favorite subject is math. She says, “it's just easy for me.” Alyssa looks forward to attending San Pedro High School, “I'm not sure what program im going to be in yet”.

Alyssa has won a ton of awards in her school career. She's won honor roll every year in elementary and 6th grade and she is “ looking forward to getting it again this year.” Alyssa’s favorite book is The End by Lemony Snicket in The Series of Unfortunate Events. Alyssa likes the book because “it's depressing and I like depressing books”. Alyssa is looking forward to a lot this year. She says, “I am looking forward to the new classes, new teacher and journalism.”

Alyssa Mack, Business Manager

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